Jessica Nigri &’s E3 2011 Tour of Snakebyte

"Throughout their (Nick and Jessica) appearance at E3 2011, they had a very busy schedule composed of interviews, booth tours, cocktail events, and more, but their very first appointment for E3 2011 was our presence at Snakebyte's booth to see what they would be presenting to the gaming industry this year. While they toured their booth, Jessica Nigri, correspondent on interviewed Adam Darbee, creator of the new Darbee Vision technology that evolves 2D images into 3D experiences without glasses or any other additional equipment. Jessica also interviews the VP of Sales for Snakebyte, Bruce Borenstein where he provides an overview of what Snakebyte has to offer these coming months."

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tmanmushroom2557d ago

Some of the new technology for 3d is crazy!

Nick2120042557d ago

The Darbee technology is definitely interesting!

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Dart892557d ago

@Warprincess don't be mad just cuz she get's attention and you don't:P.

Kakkoii2557d ago

Her comment was even quite ironic:
"lol it the dumb blond."

A person should use proper grammar when calling someone else dumb.

Urmomlol2557d ago

I'm surprised she was able to keep her clothes on the entire video. I mean, isn't that the only reason why she's famous? Reminds me of another occupation...

TheBeast2557d ago

Well played sir! *smokes pipe*

SarahFox2557d ago

ha ha, i'm getting a pikachu costume now

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