Dragon’s Crown Interview Details Creation Of Vanillaware’s 13 Year Old Game

Siliconera: "After Dragon’s Crown was announced we saw through the comments Siliconera readers wanted to hear more about Vanillaware’s first HD game. I rushed over to Ignition for more information, which is how we discovered Dragon’s Crown was in development for PS3 before the announcement. I also learned Kashow Oda, producer, was on site and with a little bit of luck (and creative scheduling on both parts) we were able to meet with him."

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Peaceful_Jelly2582d ago

What a coincidence, the Sorceress is my favorite too!

zeal0us2582d ago

Which class is your personal favorite?

Visually, the sorceress. She is an interesting character. She has huge knockers, and some incredible legs. Man have you seen the booty on her? Boy I tell ya, I would tap that if she was real. Hey did I mention she can turn her enemies into frogs?


earbus2582d ago

Another dragon game shock horror.

bangoskank2582d ago

Sony would be wise to release Odine Sphere and Muramasa for the Vita if this sells well. I'd like to finish Odin Sphere. The slow down made it unplayable for me. Never got to play all of Muramasa because I don't have a Wii.

miyamoto2581d ago

way to go! it would be a blast to play Odin Sphere and Muramasa on Palystation 3 or Vita!

I always thought Muramasa's artwork was one of the best this generation. And to think that George makes the games for the stuff he personally draws he is like the Masami Obari of 2D video games now. wow!

Chnswdchldrn2581d ago

Tits and ass

sorry what was this article about