Buy Peter Molyneux's E3 badge for a good cause

Joystiq: "Looking for the perfect accessory for that "Peter Molyneux at E3 2011" costume you've been putting together for the last week or so? Good news: you can buy Molyneux's E3 badge on eBay, and all the proceeds go to charity.

Eggplante obtained the badge from Molyneux in order to auction it for Child's Play. Molyneux even graciously signed it and included a hand-written note: "It's not on rails."

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WooHooAlex2252d ago

It seems a little desperate that he wrote "its not on rails" on the badge.

LordMaim2252d ago

Can I buy his badge for next year so that he can't get in?

LordMaim2251d ago

Looks like some Lionhead employee disagrees with me. XD

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