What’s your flavor – Prey 2 or Deus Ex: Human Revolution? says: Ever since we had seen the gameplay and story direction of Prey 2 at this years E3, we have been enthralled with the idea. Its cyberpunk futuristic aesthetics and what so far appears to be similar gameplay style to our chosen competitor, we ultimately pitted it against the upcoming title from Edios, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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rabidpancakeburglar2586d ago

I'm more interested in deus ex. From what I saw of prey 2 at E3 I just thought it didn't look good. That being said though, I also thought mirrors edge looked crap before I got it and I was way wrong.

hudsoniscool2586d ago

deus ex all the way, prey 2 looked good but there is so many games i want to buy i probably dont want to get a game that looks just good.

KRATOS-PS32585d ago

Hmm, Prey was really cool. I think I would take Prey 2.

ChronoJoe2585d ago

I got the impression Prey was like linear and Dues almost an RPG? :S kinda different games.

Apotheosize2585d ago

Deus Ex HR looks great, Prey 2 has the same kind of feel to it and look like it could end up great as well

MrChow6662585d ago

both look good but I want to see more of prey 2