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IGN - A dungeon crawler without good loot, like Dungeon Siege III, is missing something essential. If the prizes that pop out don't feel valuable, there's no slot machine appeal of opening chests, busting apart wooden barrels or slicing up monsters. Dungeon Siege III's bits of loot come with all kinds of statistical bonuses, and a multitude of special effects like elemental damage or chance to stun.

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Bereaver2528d ago

My friend bought it two days ago (China but the EU version) and we were playing it all day. I must say..... this review could be spot on. If you play by yourself it's definitely a 6.5/10 game but if you play with friends it's at least 8/10 game in my opinion.

madjedi2528d ago

With that retarded coop what is the point really.

Bereaver2528d ago

Playing with friends, some of the boss fights are pretty fun. If you don't dodge around and use skills when it needs to be done... then you'll get no where fast. And end up wiping over and over again.

Michael-Jackson2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Mostly everything Square Enix publishes this Gen is turd.

Only good thing is FFXIII, PSP and DS games.

Michael-Jackson2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Yes really, it's still a good game if you give it a chance to finish it, if you haven't already. I can understand the hate for it and it should have much better.

@Quagmire, yeah I'm looking forward to Tomb Raider and Hitman as well. Well some SEnix portable games are good, Crisis Core and Dissidia. They do suck in HD this gen I agree with. FFXIV-online that no one wanted and Last Remnant with unreal engine...

Quagmire2528d ago

Just Cause 2 was released by Squix, Deus Ex, Hitman and Tomb Raider have yet to be published.

If anything, its Squix DEVELOPED games which suck this gen

Tikicobra2528d ago

I didn't like the demo. Like, at all.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2528d ago

battle system and powers were enjoyable, similar to dragon age 2 but you can tell from the demo the story was going to be generic and not very good.

TheDivine2528d ago

I loved the demo gonna get this for sure. Love obsidian they maek great games. Not too many games like DS3 this gen. Good high quality hack n slash.

madjedi2528d ago

Lol high quality(thats like saying is cod is a high quality game), i'll take champions of norrath's dated graphics and sound, with it's rock f$king solid gameplay, character customization/skills and loot gathering and customizations and PROGRESSIVE playthrough difficulties or sacred 2.

Than this dumbed down ass casual dungeon crawler wannabe at the highest setting humanly possible @12-15 hrs in length. And you call yourself a rpg gamer really, don't insult good hack & slash games by comparing this thing to them, plz don't.

Morbius4202528d ago

For great hack and slash get Torchlight from XBLA, PSN or Steam. It's a mix of Diablo and Gauntlet. It's amazingly deep for a $10 RPG. The only drawback is the lack of multiplayer but Torchlight 2 comes out later this year and will have multiplayer. I just got done playing a 13 hour session of Torchlight which is something I haven't done since Fallout3. Oh did I mention that Torchlight is drop-dead gorgeous and highly addictive? Try it; especially if you're wating for Diablo 3.

Pintheshadows2528d ago

Man, you need to calm down. It's not your place to slander his opinion.

Judging by your post you have a few anger management issues.

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