EFF Accuses Microsoft Of Misusing DMCA In Accessory Case

Gamasutra: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a brief in support of accessory maker Datel, accusing Microsoft of misusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to quash competition in the Xbox 360 memory card market. But in a brief filed today [PDF], the EFF argues the DMCA provision was intended to prevent piracy and copyright infringement, rather than to block competing accessory makers from selling compatible products.

"Letting Xbox owners use a third-party memory card does not put Microsoft at risk of copyright infringement," EFF intellectual property director Corynne McSherry said in a statement.

"Microsoft is misusing the law in order to sell more accessories and control customers' use of the Xbox. The DMCA is supposed to be a shield against piracy, not a weapon to smash competition and consumer choice."

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-Ikon-2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Doesn't surprise me. MS was born and started off of thievery. They also where charging an absurd amount of money for a priority 360 HD.

Redgehammer2586d ago

Memory cards are going the way of the VCR.
MS was born programming for tha Altair 8800, the alleged thievery came later.

LocO_o2586d ago

"Doesn't surprise me. MS was born and started off of thievery"

I think your mistaken MS for Apple.

Your probably too young to know that the reason Apple is still in business is because MS had a soft heart and decided to help them out.

SilentNegotiator2586d ago

It wouldn't be such a big deal if MS didn't charge 3x what memory is worth, but at least it supports USB now.....up to a limit.

Legion2586d ago

"...alleges Datel's SD-card-based memory cards violate the DMCA's provision against technologies that can circumvent digital protections, since they can be used to alter gamer profiles and manually change Xbox Live Achievements."

It has been noted that the cards directly bypass copyright protection and allows for game manipulation. So thinking MS might have a point here. Basically it allowed users to download saves and other items directly from the Xbox saves and put onto your computer to share with others that could use it to manipulate their own game saves.

Yes it can be used as a memory card but the bypassing copyright protection part is the DMCA category.

Seeing that you can use USB disks now to save your games proves that MS is not limiting 3rd party memory card option. But it does limit you from using devices specifically made to bypass security.

gamingdroid2586d ago

How about MS was trying to prevent cheaters and pirates! Isn't that a justifiable reason? /s

Legion2586d ago

Yea... maybe. But it is one thing to just say we are trying to prevent cheaters and pirates and another thing to say that the device actually bypasses copyright protection which is relevant when bringing the DMCA into the picture.

LocO_o2586d ago

It is justifiable - I mean look at the problem that PS3 dongle thingy and R4 card have caused.

I would not be surprised if all nex gen consoles are locked down to the T and we can thank hackers for that.

MasterCornholio2586d ago

Microsoft should have included a hard drive with every 360. They did it with the XBOX so it seems cheap that they didnt do the same with the 360. But anyways they did this to be able to sell their own hard drives. Because unlike the XBOX you cant use 2.5 inch hard
drives with the 360 only Microsofts HD system.

BTW the slim has a new HD design thats not compatible with the old old. Which prevents people from buying the arcade Slim and plugging in the old HD design. This further proves my point.

Dark_king2586d ago

The HDD is the main reason they killed off the Xbox.It was costing them far to much.You should really read up on it.

gamingdroid2586d ago

Yeah, hard drive was one of those things MS was unable to reduce cost on. The cost of hard drive doesn't get less over time, it stays pretty constant.

The storage size increases instead though, so you get more storage for the price, but it doesn't mean cheaper hard drive!

I think it was a wise business choice and it seems many consumers don't care as clearly the "Arcade" model is selling. If you want to upgrade, you still can... or just use a USB disk.

qwertyz2586d ago

all companys are thieves. thats what CAPITALISM is all about

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