Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Website

The official Japanese teaser website for Generation has been revealed, and Saiyan Island discusses what the website reveals.

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tayz2403d ago

I can't wait for the trailer. This game is going to be E.P.I.C.

gamerfan4eva2403d ago

the last game was epic so they should top it this time and make it super epic!

Nitrowolf22403d ago

This is the only anime series fighting game that i have enjoyed in a long time. DBZ for me is gone. I wish bandai would let Cyber develop it.

xgame2403d ago

Just give One Piece, Bleach, DBZ, and everything to CC2. They've been the only capable maker

rabidpancakeburglar2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I would buy every game they released if that happened, the only reason I got into anime was because I played the UNS2 demo and decided that I would catch up on the story and buy it.

In terms of this, I'm a little disappointed that it's not story based because UNS2 was done so well in the story mode but at the same time the online was great so I'm looking forward to more focus on versus play to improve a near perfect system.

I had to, it was an awesome demo and I just had to catch up. That led me to other anime like bleach, one piece, and death note. I didn't do any work for my college all year because I was spending most of my time watching anime.

tayz2403d ago

you got into the anime after the game rabidpancakeburglar!?! thats freakin awesome!

Infernostew2403d ago

I've been waiting for an awesome One Piece 1v1 fighting game. Even though I enjoyed Unlimited Adventures' multiplayer it was pretty barebones and I would love for it to be on HD consoles.

Blaze9292403d ago

yeah, E.P.I.C. indeed...for like the first two months. Naruto games just never have that replay value Dragonball games have always delivered for me. Dunno why

tayz2403d ago

I got Raging Blast 2 and stopped playing it after a week. I got Storm 2 before Raging Blast 2 and I still play it.

256bit2403d ago

Hello everyone.

I think that everyone has been surprised by the sudden announcement,
Thank you for "Ultimate Ninja Storm Series' latest work was the release of the decision.

It's called "NARUTO-Naruto Shippuuden
Generation Ultimate Ninja Storm " !!
Models, two models of the Xbox 360 and PS3, release date is still undecided.

"Generation" is the ultimate intergenerational "Shinobi" is the meaning of the match.

Unlike conventional storm series,
This work is dedicated to play and what you can expect.

Production, of course, " CyberConnect2 ", so
The new "surprise" has firmly entered.

And the character also appeared to say about it and it will be.

So out of date information to an article released today in Weekly Shonen Jump,
Us, please check!

rabidpancakeburglar2403d ago

lol I didn't realise you'd done a translate on the text on the site and just thought you were really high because a lot of that didn't make sense.

256bit2403d ago

yea i didnt really understand it but the only thing i understood is NEW NARUTO GAME

trenso12399d ago

can some one show me a link to the manga where kakashi get zabuzas sword? i cant find it or remember not reading it that week.