How Digital Distribution can Become King

With the recent trend of digital distribution of game content, it has been widely speculated that digital versions of games would completely take over the game market. If and when this might happen is a cause of great debate, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of digital distribution and what needs to happen for digital distribution to take over the industry.

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Cwalk8162555d ago

Nooooo I work at EB Games, I'd like to keep my job please.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

This won't happen anytime to soon. But i do see it +5 years from now which gives you enough time to find a new job lol.

Digital Distribution is very good, not only for our pockets but also our environment. I see no need for having physical copies of games when our internet speed is rapidly increasing we should have no problems downloading these games, Hopefully the Ps4 and Next Xbox do both copys. I much prefer downloading my games, even though Ps3 does not have a big Lineup of retail games on Psn i do appreciate this.

Though this is an option i would much prefer if games were cloud based just like onlive :) no downloads and play instantly

Redrum0592555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

i like my physical disks and nice game box with badass covor art thank you

just_looken2555d ago


Dont worry only very few countries have the necessary bandwidth caps and download speeds to make disc based gaming obsolete very few people realize that there are more country's than usa shocking i know. Outside of usa there are 3mb-10mb download speeds at $30/$50 a month and don't get me started on the lose your account or the account has been band crap or even the server shutdown bs that can happen which in turn you lose you games you payed for. Physical copy king to the wolves but sheep love digital crap until they see the light.

Kakkoii2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Very few people realize that USA actually has quite low on average internet speeds than the rest of the world...

So your point is a bit moot there. Most of the developed world is well ahead of the US in average and available/affordable internet speeds. I live in Canada and Shaw recently updated their service with 50 and 100mbps speeds. 50 being the new low speed... Which I'm upgrading from 25mbps to it 50 this Wednesday! Quite pumped :D 400GB bandwidth cap a month.

rabidpancakeburglar2555d ago

I don't want digital distribution to take over as I like the sense of ownership that comes from owning being able to hold something you've bought.

GetoverHere1222555d ago

Won't you think of the environment?

flipmop442555d ago

Screw the environment I wasn't my art box, hence I will now go club a baby seal while spraying an aresol can

Kakkoii2555d ago

This is a case of people not liking change. Our generation grew up loving our game cartridges/discs. Going to the story and seeing the awesome game boxes, bring it home and popping what looked so beautiful to us into our consoles and playing these amazing games, creating fond memories attached to them.

We have strong feelings attached to the idea of having these physical copies of games, collecting them and putting them on display. But honestly it's not worth it. We have to accept that times change. We only create more problems the harder we fight the inevitable.

Anyways, there will likely be specialty vendors in existence that will allow you to buy a physical copy of the game still, it just won't be something mass produced, since the market will dwindle. Likely small boxes with games stored on a memory card.

GregoryAllen2555d ago

I really only ever buy digital games, but maybe that's because I only own a wii, so I have to get the other games i want through steam. Then again, if any cool wii games were online, I'd totally.... No, no, never mind. Wii exclusive games will probably only really work well on the wii.

nightmarex1212555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Yeah it looks like it going to be that way i don't want to lose physical copies. But obviously all the developers like it though, b/c they get more money, they have complete control over price no competition especially if you only put it on one platform like steam, and it protect from pirates b/c you need like steam to use it.

For us the consumer we can't get any of the investment back b/c we can't resell any games, can't trade games with each other, have to use multiple services.
Just look at the music industry like iTunes and games with steam yeah right now cheap ass prices, until physical copies are gone then they can jack up the prices and do w/e they want.
Then all the services can talk to each other and jack up the prices, and just like gas stations they can do w/e they want, b/c where else are you going to buy your games.

Kakkoii2555d ago

And that's when people take a stand. Games aren't quite the necessity something like Gas is. If Steam started to do bad things to try and control the market for profit, gamers would take a stand and boycott them. People can live without games for a month or two, it's not a problem. But a company can't afford to lose most of it's profits for that long.

Rapture722555d ago

digital distribution is already king look at the iphone and android

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