CTA launching new Turbo Cooling Fan Console Stand for Xbox 360

Gaming peripheral company CTA Digital has released its new Turbo Cooling Fan Console Stand and USB Hub for the Xbox 360 Slim. The base holds the Xbox vertically so two fans can quietly pull air through the console for "a significant improvement" in cooling.

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JsonHenry2495d ago

My 'S' system barely gets hot as it is. Who really needs this?

Ranshak2495d ago

Something is really wrong if a console needs stuff like this.

I can understand mods for a PC which is heavily overclocked etc, a console shouldnt need any of this.

femshep2495d ago

ahhh both a intercooler and vertical standing both things you SHOULDN'T use if you have any love for any system....they wounder why death rates were high its because stupid people use stupid items

revengemadmax2495d ago

my new slim xbox never gets hot.. and i play for many hours at a time.. if you need this then your console is on deaths door anyway.

Satish132495d ago

Its less about how hot the system gets, but about how this will keep it cooler. Improved circulation may not make much power/processing difference, its just more "healthy" if you will.

Droid Control2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )


BTW, the 360 works better horizontally.