IGN- Wii U: Bringing the Hardcore Home

IGN: "It's been two weeks now since we were in LA for E3, watching Nintendo unveil its new Wii U. And it was easy enough to prepare my mind for most of what we were seeing – we knew a lot of the particulars ahead of time, so things like the screen in the controller didn't faze me much.

That third-party sizzle reel, though. That's the thing that got me.

But it's been two weeks now, and though I'm still adapting to this brave new world of software on the horizon for my favorite console-making company, I've also come to remember and realize that many of the titles announced aren't entirely foreign to Nintendo systems – they've just been absent for a while. And I've begun to look at the Wii U's upcoming hardcore library not as something out-of-place for Nintendo, but as a return to form. Through opening its arms wider and inviting these franchises back home, the Wii U is helping Nintendo reclaim a lost piece of itself."

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Timmer2439d ago

I think the author's a little too optimistic about the announced 3rd party support, since all they announced was "We're bringing games that will already exist and be out on other consoles to the Wii U, most likely half a year after they are released on the PS3/360/PC."

However, getting some of these big names, Batman Arkham City, Metro: Last Light, Battlefield 3 (rumored), is something Nintendo needs terribly. A system cannot survive solely on 1st Party games, despite how high quality the majority of Nintendo games are. If you've got a few high quality, AAA titles coming out from the 1st Party dev, but none from the 3rd Party devs, how can you compete with the other consoles that may not have as much 1st Party support, but have the big names from the 3rd Party devs? The only way Nintendo found to beat that is going full hard casual, and that only lasted a few years.

The Wii U, as much as I hate to say it, might be the make-it or break-it moment for the Big N. If they can pull this off, they'll stay the giant they are. If not, I'm not sure if they'll ever win back the hardcore, and the casuals aren't coming back to bad $50 games, when Zynga and Apple are putting out cheap games that are as fun if not moreso than the console games (at least to the casual fan.)

Valk2439d ago

They announced Assasins Creed but didnt say which one. As for the other there is no confirmed release date set yet

Thing is kids are jumping to conclussions in order to once again hate Nintendo.

I love how you act like you are a know it all who can predict the future but if what you said had any truth to it the Wii wouldnt be in first place with both sub HD consoles so far behind they will not catch up any time soon...

I wont bother to list all the core franchises Nitnendo has released this gen but its obvious to anyone that isnt a moron or a fanboy that they did not go "hardcore casual", maybe you could think that if you were so uninformed about gaming that you think Nintendo made Cooking Mama but people who know how gaming works know that is not the case..

well I think I will list them anyone.
Fire Emblem
Punch Out
Metroid Prime
Metroid other M
Disaster day of Crisis
Last Story
Wario Land
Pandoras Tower
Excite Truck


Wii SPorts
Wii Music
Wii play
Wii Fit

Hardly what any knowledgable gamer would call a hardcore casual approach but I am sure you hate them so much you'll have reasons to hate them any way even though you were proven wrong..

Timmer2439d ago

Ok, let's stop attacking each other, sir, as you blatantly did nothing but lump me in with anti-Nintendo fanboys, when I myself am nothing but a rabid Nintendo fan.

First off, let's dissect this argument that "proved mine wrong."

First point: The Wii being in first place.
Yes, I did mention that. "The only way Nintendo found to beat that is going full hard casual, and that only lasted a few years." And it's true, look at the games released on the Wii. It's not a hardcore giant like the other consoles. It's full of minigames like Wii Sports, Carnival Games, etc. And, as stated, it's dominance is falling, because the casual market is moving on to something they can take on the road or play at work.

Then you proceeded to list a bunch of games to prove your point. And there is a handful I agree with on there. SMG(2), Fire Emblem, Metroid Prime (and Other M), Zelda, Disaster, Last Story, XenoBlade, and Pandora's Tower (Iffy on the last 3). Fire Emblem and Disaster were released on the Gamecube, and we all know the purple lunchbox was in last place last generation, despite being the 2nd most powerful console on the market. Last Story, XenoBlade, and Pandora's Tower (which hasn't even released outside of Japan). SMG1/2, Metroid, and Zelda are Nintendo's hardcore gaming titles, no one can deny that.

But look at a bunch of that list. NSMBWii, MKWii, Punch Out, Excite Truck. Not really what I'd call "hardcore." So back to my point. You listed a bunch of games that are considered hardcore, and used that as evidence as to Nintendo being on top. Well...that's frankly wrong. You'll always get the hardcore Nintendo fans, like myself, who buy anything with the Mario, Metroid, Zelda, et al because we love the company we support. But the Wii's number one consumer were casual fans, those who didn't play the games we do with the tenacity and love for the art as we do. That put Nintendo on top because they tapped into a recently untapped market, and it got them far for around 5 years. Now, they're slowing down considerably and Sony and Microsoft are still selling like gangbusters. Nintendo needed to get a new console out that would attract 3rd Party developers to bring hardcore titles, like Assassin's Creed as you mention (I had forgotten that one, although I was just listing a few I was interested in), that would bring that massive hardcore following that Sony and Microsoft have that can keep them in a winnable battle with the aforementioned.

Really don't know why or how you lumped me in with the anti-Nintendo crowd, guess I seem a little pessimistic when it comes to anything involving 3rd Party support for Nintendo, but I suppose that's your opinion. What I do know is, what I stated was correct. Maybe not the make-it-or-break-it bit, but I did say that it "might be."

mike1up2439d ago

I really liked this article... but, well i dunno, im still just not convinced. I have to see the actual games on the Wii U before i get my hopes up. I am a total Nintendo fanboy, who would love to see the big 3rd party titles back with Nintendo, but Nintendo has let me down in this area time and time again.

A lot has changed since the Nes/Snes days, and i just hope that Nintendo hasnt completely alienated themselves from 3rd party developers.

Yea i know, i have heard that the Wii U is like super easy to develop titles for, and graphically will be on par with the 360/PS3... but guys, don't get your hopes up.