CVG - Max Payne 3: A reinvention or just recycled gimmicks?

CVG - Was Max Payne ever actually any good? Well, sort of. 2001's ultra-hyped, mega-delayed first entry - starring possibly the most constipated-looking character model ever to escape a development house - debuted the oft-copied mechanic/gimmick that was Bullet Time (itself ripped off from The Matrix and sundry Hong Kong action flicks). It scooped awards aplenty, but was still overrated.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2408d ago

I was never actually awaiting this game. I did like the max pain Series for the action even though i never got into the story.
This one does seem like it can be good but it won't bring anything revolutionary but what we are already use to in modern gaming which is not bad at all.
Hopefully we see some more of this game soon, though im not to exited for it, i sure do want to give this game a try if it ever comes out lol.

Active Reload2408d ago

All I want from a game like this, is getting the basics perfect and then bring something revolutionary. That way, if the revolutionary stuff doesn't work out, it can lean on the basic stuff it got right.

ATiElite2408d ago

Still wondering why Max Payne was a NO show at E3! Also No Agent!

Actually did R* even show up at E3?

Mayne see them at Gamescon!

Hisiru2408d ago

I am sorry but it's not Max Payne imo. I love the series and I think it (max payne 3) will be a good game, but it won't be faithful to the original games just like I love the RE series, RE5 is a good action game but it's not like the original games.

They should use another name for it imo.

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