SG Reviews: Monkey See, Monkey Do

SG - If you’re expecting the game to be like the Wii version you will be greatly disappointed. If you’re expecting the game to be more than mildly entertaining, again… disappointment will ensue. I will not give it a failing rating though. I do believe it IS worth the $2 to rent for a night, but only because the large majority of the games CAN be played one-handed, making this a great game to drink to.

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Bigpappy2467d ago

I disagree with this review.I find the game to be challenging and more entertaining than I expected. It take a bit of getting use to having nothing in your hands, and not seeing your hand move on screen (big mistake). The game announcer's voice becomes annoying quickliy for me. It is what you would expect from a carnival, but he seems to talk too much in the game. But, when you get used to the interface, it is a lot of fun.