Kotaku - Resident Evil’s Dip Into Action Is More Experiment Than Evolution

Kotaku - I haven't had a good scare since 2005, at least not at the hands of Resident Evil.

While it may not be another six years until the lurching infected, man or dog, scare the pants off me, Capcom does seem hesitant to make any short-term promises about the series once famous for making people jump.

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ClaveroRulz2555d ago

"It seems clear that for the immediate future, the series that once had players counting bullets in their head and creeping through seemingly empty mansions, is evolving into something more akin to Call of Duty than Silent Hill."

This sums it all, and it's sad.

No more Resident Evils by Shinji Mikami or Hideki Kamiya.

No more Silent Hills by Team Silent.

What's next? Korn doing the Theme Song for the next Silent Hill?... OH WAIT :(

Deadman_Senji2555d ago

Kotaku...shut the f*ck up. Talk about a site that never has anything of value to say.

RE4 was amazing, RE5 wasn't great but it's only one title...there's still time to bounce back.