TF2 Meet the Medic Officially Announced

Valve has revealed today, exciting news that will get all Team Fortress 2 fans to jump out of their seats.

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_CoD-Pro_2401d ago

AHHH!!!! Sorry i Just Jumped Out Of My Seat

TheBeast2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

>.> *looks at username*

Your a TF2 fan?!

Haha I know, I just wanted to interrupt on your sarcasm.

_CoD-Pro_2401d ago

@Thebeast no im not i dont even know this game i just felt like commenting this

PandaJenkins2401d ago

about freaking time, medic is my fav class.

solar2401d ago

Valve makes the best promotional video's. cant wait!!!

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