Top 10 Comic Book Hero Games

That’s right true believers; there actually are ten titles worthy of your consideration as the greatest adaptations of our favorite tight-wearing world savers. Those with a keen eye might be able to perceive that I am in fact, a Marvel guy. To those DC people who haven’t left already; I’m also a biased reporter of the facts, and the fact is when looking for a good superhero game, the pickings are slim. So without further adue, here are the top ten comic book hero video games.

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Cwalk8162495d ago

Spidey-man for the mutha fing win.

rmoar2495d ago

You must of missed the part where Batman won.

jesscamegan2495d ago

omg i LOVED ninja turtles! Ultimate Alliance is an awesome game too... great list!

Pikajew2495d ago

Spiderman 2 was the first superhero game I ever owned. I still have it :)

GetoverHere1222495d ago

I too could not bring myself to get rid of Spiderman 2.

pungello882495d ago

I usually don't get rid of games anyway, my brothers do and I insisted we keep Spiderman 2

pungello882495d ago

Great list, Turtles in Time and Arkham Asylum are my two favorite

GregoryAllen2495d ago

Spider-Man, hands down, is a the number one superhero, despite some of the crappy games he's been in.

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