PlayStation Vita Surpasses PS3 with Super Stardust Delta

"The first title for the PlayStation Vita Nick had a chance to get his hands on was Super Stardust Delta. Nick met up with Joshua Miller, Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment America, at the PlayStation Booth where he presented Nick with a walkthrough of the title and before Nick even had the chance to point it out, Josh confirmed to him that the game was currently in its Pre-Alpha stage, yet surpassed the visual power of its PS3 counterpart."

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Nick2120042402d ago

I cannot wait till you all get your hands on the PlayStation Vita. I am still blown away by what Sony is able to pull off in such a compact device at such an affordable price!

Warprincess1162402d ago

Why do you always have to be the first person to comment in your articles? It kind of annoying.

Kon2402d ago

Talk about annoyance...

Etseix2402d ago

Fu Nick, im jelly , and i bet the girl is also jelly of you, so dont mind her.

Fallouts2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Talk about rude! Man... Guy can't even be the first to comment on his own article!

Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

fabod862402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

it's annoying read every your crappy reply :)

Dart892402d ago

Looking for attention??:P.

ON topic i want this now.

Spitfire_Riggz2401d ago

LOL shes upset because SHE is ALWAYS first!!!

rjdofu2401d ago

Because he stole her first place that's why LOL.

And somebody please explains to me why she get vote for "well said" while there's nothing constructive in her comment?

colombiankilla012401d ago

@ Warprincess116 , you are the annoying one so please go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich!!

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Soldierone2401d ago

Got to play it too, honestly everyone that has yet to touch it have absolutely no idea what it will be like. Everyone is going to love it!

Except the haters that love to hate, but eh what can you do about them.

tmanmushroom2402d ago

super stardust hd is one of my favorite psn games! I can't wait for Delta

nopunctuation2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Super stardust is one of the best Playstation 3 games in general. It is just brilliant in its simplicity and you can keep going back it it over and over again. I just beat my score a few days ago and it felt so good to pass that old score. Im now at 182 million. Maybe one day ill hit 200 million lol.

-Alpha2402d ago

Agreed, LOVE Stardust HD.

I have the highest score of my friends, 60 million I think.

But damn, you're good!

nopunctuation2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Thanks man. Im hitting a limit in that game though because after each cycle of 5 planets, the difficulty goes up and the rocks start moving at incredibly fast speeds (check out YT vids of SSHD on suicide difficulty and you will se what I mean). The highest score on that game is about 2 billion (yes with a B) and I cant imagine the mental stamina required to get ascore that high. Whoever has that score has some bragging rights for sure.

NateCole2401d ago

Whats your rank on the board?.

I played last night i was ranked 22,000 or something. Got to the hard mode with 7 ships but it was 3:30 am so i blew all my ships to post the score and go to sleep.

Rainstorm812401d ago

Havent played Super stardust in awhile had to check my high score......a respectable 128 million rk 6243....

Yea it really does step it up a notch after the first 5 planets, Cant wait to get Delta for the PSV

Housemarque really makes some good games mostly old school gaming meets current gen style.

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Lord_Ranos2402d ago

PS Vita looks really great.

NyGiants72402d ago

Can't wait for the Vita

fabod862402d ago

i think i will enjoy it more on Vita than PS3...
it seams more portable (imho)

Etseix2402d ago

more portable?

maybe because.. it's a handheld? and the other one its a console?

anwyays, tahts why its great Vita, like playing a ps3 on the go ;)

Nitrowolf22401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

He's talking about the game not the system. He saying that the game feels like something that should be on a portable device. Its kind of like PS Minis, they don't feel fun playing on console but better on portable for some.
I starting to love Vita more and more every day.

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