Halo Headhunters motion comic trailer

Halo Waypoint looks set to offer fans more insight into the Halo universe via another motion comic, titled Halo: Headhunters.

The production has been created by MoreFrames and is based on the Halo: Evolutions short stories by a Jonathan Goff.

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A7XEric2582d ago

Are any other fans just as aggravated how ever since Reach we've seen all of these Spartans with customized armor canon-breaking armor? All of the Spartans wore near-identical armor and the Spartan IIIs didn't even have MJOLNIR armor, they had the SPI suits that were on the cover of Ghosts of Onyx.

palaeomerus2582d ago

Is this based on the story in Evolutions?

A7XEric2582d ago

Yep yep. I hope they do the rest of the stories in it, since I never got around to that book

just_looken2582d ago

Another fuking halo themed comic ok so they have 4 novels 1 movie and 2 comics aswell as 6 games and 3 different lines of toys so i guess gm has the warthog for sale by 2012?.

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