I Saw the PlayStation 3 Wired to Play Against an Xbox 360, but You Won’t

Kotaku - I'm supposed to be telling you about a new video game called Defiance, but... I have to tell you something else: I saw one guy controlling the game on an Xbox 360. Another was playing in on a PlayStation 3.

But they were playing the same game, on their two distinct consoles, with each other.

I thought the cool thing about Trion's upcoming shooter-MMO Defiance was that the players of the console and PC game will somehow affect what happens on a related SyFy channel TV show.

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-Mezzo-2584d ago

Cool, I would love to se cross platform play in the next generation. If it's not there i would seriously be disappointed.

rabidpancakeburglar2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Then get ready for disappointment as Microsoft don't seem to be interested in any way with working with the competition.

I know but sony are in some cases allowing cross platform with the pc with this (link below) and portal 2 being examples.

"Sony, along with developers CCP announced that upcoming FPSMMO DUST 514 will be coming to the PS3 as an exclusive title, and aside from being free-to-play, it will also feature cross-platform online play with EVE Online players on the PC since the two universes are closely linked together."

EYEamNUMBER12584d ago

sony is just as uninterested in working with microsoft as well

WildArmed2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

It'd be funny if Valve is the one that pulls it off.

They have a way w/ both companies.
Hopefully MS becomes a tad lenient on Valve so we can have PC-PS3-360 love.
And possibly the Wii-U in the mix too!

I don't think it'll ever be fully implemented. But we may see it here and there down the road.

RememberThe3572584d ago


I actually read an interview a couple of years ago with Yoshia and he said he would be interested in cross platform play but that he didn't think MS would be interested.

I wish I could find the interview so it's wouldn't just be hearsay.

gamingdroid2584d ago

MS did cross platform play 4 years ago with Shadowrun between Xbox 360 and PC. Didn't seem people were interested then though....

UltimateIdiot9112584d ago

One failure does not constitute that people aren't interested. FFXI seems to do fine with crossplat. Also, perhaps no one was interested in Shadowrun not so much as the crossplat feature.

Solid_Snake-2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

microsoft will rarely go x-plat with pc as they have a market place on there. microsoft aint just gonna let you play with steam users when they are there main competitors on the pc. sony have nothing to do with pc's aside from there over priced vio. with GFWL i can voice chat with my friends on xbox live where as the ps3 can barely do chat on its own console....problem solved.

@gamingdroid....shadowrun was rubbish on both platforms thats why it failed. its not that people arnt interested in x-play its the fact that game stunk.

EDIT: until i see this game in motion i do not believe this guy at all.

EDIT+1: after reading all the comments from the link provided to the kotaku site i can clearly see its a PS3 fanboy proper but hurters saying that X-game chat doesnt bother them as they tried xbox once and got called racist names and gays and sold it the next day (lies) sounds like another day on sure your not sister companies.

Sevir042584d ago

Mon 20 Jun 2011 5:46 PM
Yeah, this isn't particularly new. Burnout Paradise supported cross-platform PS3 vs. 360 multiplayer up until a few short weeks before release, at which point Microsoft forced Criterion to remove the feature. It's nice to hear another developer clearing the air about it, though.

Essentially, it seems like Microsoft believes that cross-platform multiplayer would allow their paying customers to realize that there are free alternatives out there that offer the same experience without the cost, and the last thing they want is for their customers to start questioning the worth of the LIVE service. Too bad they keep jacking up the price and adding nothing of use to justify it."

Sony is definately open to the idea otherwise they wouldn't have had the steam deal with valve or the EVE and dust thing at E3... as it stand MS just doesn't like the idea, and as this user on Kotaku has stated, MS doesn't want to risk its coustomers question the worth of paying for Live when a rival network offers the same thing for for free should cross platform play ever occur!

SilentNegotiator2584d ago

"I would love to se cross platform play in the next generation"

The likelihood of that happening is about 0. Microsoft and Sony would NOT be happy about their consoles interacting.

NiKK_4192584d ago

I would love to see cross platform with the next consoles, that way you won't feel forced to get a console just because that is the one your friend has, but sadly, I don't think it will happen

lil Titan2584d ago

if this game is good i can already see the top clan names being something like "PS3 Smashers" and "360 Stompers" easy

AdventShadow012584d ago

I could have sworn someone was interviewing Microsoft about the subject and the Guy said all sony has to do is give them a call but until then buy a Xbox. I think it was hiphop gamer interviewing some dude from M$.

NoobSessions2584d ago

You are aware that the Xbox 360 has games with crossplatform online play with PC?

Dee_912584d ago

@rabidpancakeburglar llol you said that like sony and microsoft never worked together

rabidpancakeburglar2583d ago

How the hell did you get that from what I wrote?

What I said is that at the current moment microsoft aren't willing to work with other console makers to allow cross platform gaming.

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Perjoss2584d ago

This story is obviously fake! if this really did happen then why didn't the entire universe explode?

ChrisW2584d ago

Some people buy games for specific consoles because they want to play with their friends. Or sometimes they buy two copies. It would be awesome to see a game that is cross console.

Then again the fanboys would be cussing at each other like crazy over the chat. And would probably ultimately ruin the game.

UltimateIdiot9112584d ago

I see it as a good place for fanboys to settle their dispute and blow steam. Argue over some forum. Run the game, and duke it out playing on the console which they believe they hold better superiority.

ChrisW2584d ago

True. But that's still a long shot.

However, try putting the Taliban and the Westboro Baptists in the same room and try asking them to settle their dispute without killing each other. Of course in that case, both killing each other wouldn't be a bad thing.

TheDivine2583d ago

Id love a big fps mmo like mag where one side is ps3 and one is 360. It would be epic. Ps3 has some hardcore mag/kz3 players but 360 has the halo/cod champs so it would def be interesting.

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frostypants2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Cross platform play is a laugher from a technical standpoint, since platform differences have no real impact on network communications. If MS or whoever else must resort to closing this off to maintain any kind of product differentiation, then there's something very wrong. So much for relying on innovation and exclusive titles, I guess...

But then I must ask this: if Sony continues to open up to cross-platform gaming with the PC, and MS still refuses to play ball, won't that become a MAJOR shortcoming for them? They'll have put themseves out on an island.

xCaptainAmazing2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

But what about PS and Nintendo? Before you go all crazy, think about it. Sony has shown that they are willing to allow 3rd party services supplementary to their own, like Steam, to allow cross platform play between users.

Nintendo's new online infrastructure has few details, but what all the developers can confirm is that it is the most open of all of them, allowing third parties to do what they please.

If it happens between CONSOLES, I expect it to be between these two first. Nintendo and Sony really don't have anything to lose, as their model for basic online play will probably remain free. They also have plenty of exclusive titles to keep their platform identity.

MS arguably has the best third party support out there right now. If they return to their roots a bit and focus on securing some more titles like they did in the past, they could be there as well. If they keep requiring a subscription fee, all they will need to do is make sure they keep their online feature set superior and attractive (read WORTHWHILE). After that, I don't see why they wouldn't dive into this as well.

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Tank_Commander_E62584d ago

Aww so does that mean that I won't get a chance to play with 12yr old little brats?

CrazyForGames2584d ago

go play any game online they aren't that hard to find

Tank_Commander_E62584d ago

I play on the PS3 and rarely do I come across those squeaky annoying little voices.

theonlylolking2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Tank_Commander_E6 is right. You rarely come across one unless you are playing COD, even then they are not as bratty as those kids on XBL.

On topic
Here's a Microsoft spokesperson saying "no," while promoting how awesome the Xbox 360's online service is: "Xbox Live delivers the best entertainment experience unmatched by anyone else, with 35 million actively engaged members. We have a high level of expectation for our game developers to ensure that all Live experiences remain top notch. Because we can't guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability."

PSN has just as good if not better quality than XBL and it is free. M$ is the problem with gaming and they hold back innovation.

CrazyForGames2584d ago

i play on both the ps3 and the 360 and they are both there no difference

the majority of them are on COD but they are both equally there on both consoles

JasonPC360PS3Wii2584d ago

I bet it's kinda hard to hear voices at all over PSN. I mean with no cross game chat and getting hacked all the time.

frostypants2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

The funny part is allowing Live players to play against PSN gamers would have almost zero impact on the Live experience, especially if they maintain the ability to block unliked players, and even that is a minor thing. Their whole "maintaining quality" argument is pure spin. They could even easily give gamers the OPTION to play only against people from Live.

TheDivine2583d ago

Thats a myth little brats are on ps3 as much its just nobody has mics so you cant talk w them. Its all cod anyways despite the system.

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Fallouts2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

unless you got your 360 a few hours ago you should have a robust list of friends to play with..

but hey if you still find your self playing with little kids, then that must say something about you, no?!

ChrisW2584d ago


BTW, for those who don't like hearing kids voices, mute them. It isn't difficult!

Jocosta2584d ago

They hardly ever hear anything because no one has a damn mic on PSN, its true, its rare to talk with any team mates.

frostypants2584d ago

Mic use is waaaay down on Live as well lately. If I'm not in a party of friends, I don't even bother. There's nothing but stupidity on the airwaves in open play.

maniacmayhem2584d ago


You want to play with 12 year olds?? Should we call the police or something with that that type of statement?

maniacmayhem2584d ago

Hey man, i can read and by your statement you're pretty upset that you cant play with 12 year olds.

To each their own maricon.


LOL @ cussing in spanish! Avoiding moderators 101

Why o why2584d ago




great stuff...even if you cant understand these words you can kinda suss they're curse words...simple mods.....i kid ikid

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Nitrowolf22584d ago

would love to see it happen some day.

KingDustero2584d ago

It won't due to M$. I had a great laugh after reading M$'s response in the article. It is full of BS.

Basically if players on PSN play for FREE against 360 players, who pay, with the EXACT same quality of experience it'll show XBL as the rip-off it is.

M$ likes to believe they oferf the better online experience, however the truth is that BOTH networks (XBL and PSN) are great networks that are EQUAL.

jdfoster002584d ago

Just ignore the disagreeing xbox fanboys. They are dilltuional they can't accept even this is is true... Look at @Solid_Snake- 'after reading all the comments from the link provided to the kotaku site i can clearly see its a PS3 fanboy site.' Why can't they accept that it's Microsoft that won't allow this... I totally agree with you're comment btw. (I have both)

Simco8762584d ago

I also agree.

Makes perfect sense

TheDivine2583d ago

I agree psn is fine for just getting online and playing but just cause it works doesnt mean it works as well. Ive noticed the ps3 wireless is not as good as the 360 (disconnects aplenty), people hardly use mics except in socom, custom music is in every 360 game, and cross game chat which isnt a necessity, but is still awesome to chat w the boys while you each play whatever you like. Yea psn gets the job done but its slower, sloppier, and doesnt have all the nice little bonuses. Psn is free, thats the only advantage it has, everybody knows it. Heck i use psn mostly but xbl is a far better experience.

TheLastGuardian20102584d ago

Multiplayer like COD will become insane with cross multiplayer. Christ, I can see these huge alliances Xbots, vs. Sony Fanboys.

It would be epic.

Raven_Nomad2584d ago

It would be epic till the 360 players slapped all the PS3 players.

I play COD on both the 360 and PS3, though 10x more on the 360 and my K/D/R is always at least 2.0 higher on PS3 versions. Competition on PS3 as far as COD goes is pretty bad.

user83971442584d ago

Funny when my ps3 broke I went to the xbox and i kicked some serious butt in the 360. Same with Halo a game that I hardly ever play I went 35-8 in a match. In COD there is some that are good but they can't beat me.

BrianG2584d ago

Suppose we all have different experiences though.

I carry over a 2.0 on PS3, or did last time I checked, and do about the same when I play Xbox.

Haven't been playing much COD lately though since MW2, but competition felt about the same to me, depending on who you get matched with.

I've been "owned" on both consoles and have "owned" my fair share on both consoles.

The whole 360 players are better is just a stigma that still floats around because they pay to play, doesn't make you better. Or because they have better communication with Party chat, but not everyone uses party chat for game communication.

Just my thoughts though, could be wrong.

InTheLab2584d ago

That's odd because whenever I play on the 360 side, I usually do 2X as good as I would on PS3. Especially with fighting games.

I could see this happening for a game like Battlefield. No one uses mics PS3 side so I'm sure they'd get steamrolled by the 360 side.

phinch2584d ago

if your kill to death ratio is higher on the 360 version, doesnt that mean the opponents are worse? and its lower on the ps3 because it's more challenging right?

jdfoster002584d ago

You're joking.... There are like a million 7 year olds on xbl =p 'Competition on PS3 as far as COD goes is pretty bad.' I disagree look up on game battles and have a look at the ps3 clans. Also it's so annoying playing on xbl as everyone uses god damn GHOST! And what's this that people are saying no one has a mic on ps3? Every time I go into a lobby nearly everyone has a mic. I allways use mine but sometimes on search or when im in a gb match I use skype to comunicate with my mates.

Raven_Nomad2584d ago

That is my point, the competition is and always has been tougher on the 360. Right now I run a 1.79 K/D/R on Xbox 360 and yet I run a 3.22 K/D/R on the PS3.

As far as GB clans go, there are still currently almost 13 thousand Black Ops Xbox 360 teams yet a mere 563 teams on the PS3 side of things. Definitely goes to show you what console competitive gamers are using.

Gamebattles is the biggest site as far as gaming goes, with millions of people using it. I am not saying all PS3 players are bad, but for the most part they are really, really bad. Nobody uses a mic, when I roll with a full team I don't lose a pub. I have a 700 win streak on PS3 public

I used to play PS3 Gamebattles but it was too easy, 15-20 wins on any game gives you a top team/ I remember the Killzone team we had, 2-0 and ranked

Not sure why, but PS3 isn't the console to play if your into competitive gaming and communities.

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Etseix2584d ago

till now, Lost Planet 2 has been the only game i wanted to be cross platform, i mean, kicking Gears' ass with my Helgast, was going to be full of win. till i met a player who can kick mine lol.

hardcorehippiez2584d ago

at raven above , bollux i say. maybe not competitive on cod but thats a casual game . try socom, mag , killzone hell even bfbc thats were most serious clans who are highly competitive hang out. and if a person brags about their k/d thats sad. i came up against one in socom 4 the other night, out flanked their team and came up from behind and smashed his score then all that happened was his constant crying and calling me a spawn camper when camping was the last thing i was doing. anyways my point is you get good and players on all systems, being synonymous with one does not a better gamer make.

beast242tru2584d ago

i think games like call of duty should do this but lets not forget they gimp the ps3 version soo it wudnt be possible