Saints Row 3 dev acknowledges Rockstar inspiration

Lead writer Drew Holmes acknowledged games like Rockstar's LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption as titles the developer looked at in preparation of the third sequel in the Saints Row series.

"You have to look at every single open-world game that's out there in terms of the way that they're building out their world, creating an experience and engaging people," he said.

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LOGICWINS2559d ago

Good to hear. Looking at the masterpieces of others and building upon them is the best way to push this industry forward and create NEW and even more compelling games.

Yi-Long2559d ago

... although I hope they won't ruin all the improvements with too much focus on all the immature stuff, which kinda degrades the whole experience to a juvenile level.

Wenis2559d ago

I think it all just depends on how you play. For example you could run around with a dildo bat the entire game, or you could play a more conventional way and use standard gun weapons.

beeeffess2559d ago

That's the best bit.

The Saints Row games pretty much carry on from San Andreas meanwhile GTA IV moved onto something completely different.

You're not too old to play as a naked moonwalking man with a dildo sword in his hand.

LOGICWINS2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

What I love about Saints Row is that its always given you the OPTION to be a jackass. Like Wenis said, you could play the game in a more realistic fashion if you want.

Btw, I got Saints Row 2 less than a week ago and I'm having a blast..its over-the-top, but it remains grounded in the real world for the most part.

I'm getting Saints Row: The Third DAY 1, but those "Apocafist" are taking things WAAAAY too far IMO. Theres a difference between being "over-the-top" and living in a fantasy world.

jony_dols2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Well duh...Of course Rockstar were a massive influence!

Saints Row would not exist if it was not for GTA3 & it subsequent sequels!

nopunctuation2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Very true but I think there is a difference between "inspiration" and what Saints Row does. Famous GTA clones like True Crime, Prototype, Infamous, and Crackdown offer a new twist on what a free roam game really is. Saints Row on the other hand pretty much steals everything from GTA and put a Saints Row stamp on it. Even with Saints Row 3 coming out, it looks incredibly similar to GTA IV in terms of art style. Instead of focusing on what Rockstar was doing last, why dont they take a risk and try innovating a little to contribute to the free roam genre as a whole? Maybe then they could be called a real GTA competitor like the games I mentioned earlier. Right now Saints Row is on a paper thin line between what they call "inspiration" and what anyone else would call copyright infirgement.

gunnerforlife2559d ago

did u just say INFAMOUS is a GTA Clone :/
only thing they got is open world and i really wouldn't consider that as being that much of a Clone seeing as its a Openworld is GENRE in itself, when ur talking about clones your talking about a game copying everything that a previous game has done. and i really wouldn't call infamous or prototype a GTA Clone.

LOGICWINS2559d ago

Prototype and Infamous are GTA clones in your opinion? Ummm..have you played these games before?

The idea of a superhuman in an open world(Spiderman, Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Blade, and Superman) existed LONG before GTA.

nopunctuation2559d ago

Pretty much anything that puts you in third person on a circular/square piece of land and lets you run around killing things is a GTA clone. That is something GTA 3 did first and then every game went on to mimick it after that. Its sort of like Doom clones. FPS games are vastly different from what Doom was but they still owe thier existance to Doom because it did it first.

LOGICWINS2559d ago

@nopunctuation- I don't believe in that "they did it first, so everyone else who does something similar is a clone"

If Doom was never created, I'm 100% sure that SOMEONE would have thought of putting a guy with a gun in a videogame in first person view.

If GTA was never created, SOMEONE at SOME point would have thought of a guy in an open world causing mayham.

nopunctuation2559d ago

That doesnt change the fact that Doom was the First FPS and GTA was the first 3D free roamer (you could count body harvest but that game was terrible and so buggy that it was unplayable.). Your argument is sort of like saying the fact that they could have not existed means they dont deserve credit for what they did, which is a pretty weak argument.

-EvoAnubis-2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

@nopunctuation: I agree with you on much of what you're saying, but Doom the first FPS? Not only was it NOT the first FPS ever, it wasn't even the first that id software made.

Edit: This is just a sidenote, and not taking away from any of your other points. The first open world game I ever played was Legend of Zelda. The second was Metroid.

LOGICWINS2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

"Your argument is sort of like saying the fact that they could have not existed means they dont deserve credit for what they did, which is a pretty weak argument."

LOL, you completely ignored the entire argument that I made. I wasn't arguing that Doom and GTA don't deserve credit for being the first in their genre..I was arguing that a game shouldn't automatically be labled as a "clone" simply because its part of a genre that was pioneered by another game.

I'll put it in more simple terms so that you can better understand what I'm saying:

Just because Tomb Raider is a platformer doesn't mean that its a Mario clone.

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-EvoAnubis-2559d ago

Wasn't this kinda obvious since...oh, I don't know...Saint's Row 1?

I don't see anyone thinking they were just sitting around, chilling, when all of a sudden some guy goes, "I've got a great idea that has never ever been done before!"

Fallouts2559d ago


I know! Don't get me wrong I like saints row and can't wait for this one.... But.....

Did they think they was fooling us? I mean damn... The reason why i was so good and and knew what button to press right off the bat was cause of gta.

just_looken2559d ago

"Rockstar inspiration" AKA If there was no gtasa/gta1 there would be no sr series the only reason these series are fun is because they copy old gta's period.

NYC_Gamer2559d ago

they stole the whole style of the older grand theft games

NarooN2559d ago

Not really. While GTA3 and it's trilogy let you do some crazy stuff, none of it is anywhere near as insane as all the stuff you can do in the Saint's Row series.

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