Battlefield 3 Taking Heavy Fire as of Late

Battlefield 3 is now in the spotlight to take on the King of FPS's Call of Duty. But with this new spotlight now comes a lot of negativity towards the game.

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Dart892526d ago

It's only a handful who are b*tching about this thing many players on my friend list don't even care about the graphics they just wanna get their hands on it like me and many other players.So to sum it up don't like it don't buy no one will miss you.Less douche bags that i will have to kill online:P.

Agent-862526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Personally, I think it's mostly disgruntled COD fans who have their "panties in a bunch" since a superior game is on the horizon. First it was complaining about the 24 player console support even though BFBC2 played fine with 24 and, besides, COD has only had 18 players the last few games. Then, it's "where's the console footage"? DICE shows it on national TV and I thought it looked really good for console (I'll be on PC, though). So, then it's crying over that it's 30fps at 720p when that's been what almost all shooters are on consoles these days (games like COD with 60fps, sacrifice graphics and are in sub-HD resolution, like only 540p). I don't think this is BF fans that are whining; I really think it's COD fans trying to nitpick any little thing they can because they truly fear that BF3 is going to be the better game.

Agent-862526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

OK, I was mistaken. The last two COD games were at a 600p resolution. But, to be honest, that's not much better than 540p. Personally, I'd rather have a higher resolution of 720p with a locked 30fps than a fluctuating 60fps at 600p.

Modern Warfare 2:

Black Ops:

Rhythmattic2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Must admit... As an ex Multiple COD Purchaser, and a once only BFBC player, Today I bought BFBC2 (for a measley price) and it BLOWS all COD's away...

There will be no doubt, BF3 will be money well spent. Console or PC.

Dice are a Rocking !

DeadlyFire2526d ago

Battlefield 3, 24 players, jets, prone, 720 resolution at 30 fps. Typical resolution of games on PS3 platform. How is that bad?

The video shown of PS3 gameplay definately can see a change in graphics. Its not perfect, but certainly not bad for today's games on the market. Considering all the combat effects, destruction, jets, tanks, and other vehicles and chaos.

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fei-hung2526d ago

Agree and I wouldn't be surprised if Activision have paid a handsome amount of money to big sites to promote MW3 and therefore naturally to biatch about BFBC3.

How can anyone complain about a superior game (which is not a rehash unlike some) over average FPS's which are thrown out the pipeline into retail every year!

PhantomT14122526d ago

Activision wouldn't waste money for that. There are plenty of morons out there to do the work without being pushed.

2fk2526d ago

IMHO Bf3 will be king of FPS in terms of quality and hopefully sales; they deserve it

BlackHulk2526d ago

They really do deserve it, I was quite surprised at the back lash they got after last week. Battlefield still looked like a day 1 pick up for me.

karl2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

im glad to see that a lot of people support battlefiled though

sadly its mostly people with the intention to bought it for pc..

now.. if u are a pc gamer chances are u already have a gaming pc.. the rest of us will probably have to invest in one apart of the 60 dollar game..

im just saying console gamers ( the stupid ones)
will just keep buying cod..

to fully enjoy battlefield its a really investment for those who dont have a pc already..

unlike cod that doesnt really change that much from console to pc..

goaliegonzalez282526d ago

I personally think the game looked great for a 5 year old game, also to the people complaining who actually thought ps3 could match pc graphics, do you think a little lower polygon count in some buildings and some not as good lighting will take away the fun from the game it will still be a great enjoyable game and in the end people play games for fun

Agent-862526d ago

I think you mean "on a 5 year old console" and not "for a 5 year old game". :) I, too, thought it looked great for a console game this late in it's cycle. I'm a PC gamer, though, so I'll be playing on PC. However, if I could only play it on a console, I would because it's Battlefield 3 and it's going to be great on all platforms.

Focker4202526d ago

It started with the specific retailer pre-order bonuses and then spiraled out of control since then.

Ser2526d ago

And that wasn't even anything to get riled up over. I still have no idea why people overreacted so much to something that is constantly happening in the gaming industry. They act as if this is the first time a company has given retailer specific DLC.

FlashXIII2526d ago

Yeah and let's be honest, people getting mad and causing companies PR team to sweat over retailer exclusive DLC is good thing. It's an ugly thing that should be stamped out of the industry.

FlashXIII2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

What is wrong with the graphics? I saw the graphics shown on that lame tv show and lame commentary and thought it looked great for a console game.

The only people who could possibly moan are those delusional enough to think that the consoles can match the PC's graphical capabilities. Generally speaking, people of such low intelligence probably would trade this game in within 48 hours anyway when they realize they can't rush in COD style and "pwn" everyone.

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