Does Anyone Really Want Motion Gaming?

NGR Writes: Oh, motion controls. You’ve invaded our favorite hobby and are slowly strengthening your death grip on our favorite games. Since Nintendo introduced the idea to the main-stream with Wii there has been little we could do but sit back and watch. That's only one gamer's opinion, though. We want to know yours.

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DarkCharizard_2561d ago

Mostly, I prefer the standard controller, but motion games are certainly very refreshing once in a while, especially when I'm drunk :P

StanLee2561d ago

Dance Central drunk is madness. Dance Central 2 with multiplayer will be crazy!!!

Fox012561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Yeah Dance Central and Kinect Sports, drunk, with friends is sooo good.

MasterCornholio2561d ago

Let me get this staight (but please correct me if i am wrong)

The only way you people can enjoy motion games is by being under the influence of an intoxicating subtance? You guys dont take narcotics as well while playing with motion controls right? Because if you do, you need to seek out help before it turns into a big problem.


Anyways i am glad you have fun with them. But please be careful with the alcohol since it really messes up your balance and you can have a serious accident with Kinect.

peowpeow2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Drunken accidents with kinect (and Wii)..

Memories lololol

Army_of_Darkness2561d ago

I need to be drunk with friends to enjoy kinect dance central(meaning i won't care if i look like a jackass lol!)
But for the move, i can enjoy that sober or drunk! Its groovy baby!

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nopunctuation2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Motion gaming is an utter failure. I never understood what was inherently wrong with regualr controllers in the first place. Buttons and analog sticks are a satisfactory way of connecting man to machine by way of thumbs. Motion controls on the other hand are either laggy (wii mote, kinect) or you have to deal with needless calibration BS (Move). I am not convinced that Motion controls are the future. They have way too many issues and are too incompatible with mainstream games to be anything but a gimmick. I think the big 3 are starting to see that now. Nintendo has moved away from the wiimote for its tablet thing and sony is starting to pretend like move never happened. MS still have the motion fever though because of all that advertising they put in. They will have a hard time shaking off said fever.

Redgehammer2561d ago

I disagree. Just because motion gaming does not work for you, does not mean its a failure. However. I feel I would have an easier time convincing the Pope to do the Macarena, or George Bush to do the Soldier Boy. than I would elucidating the merits, and positives of "motion controls" to you; therefore, I am more than willing to agree, to disagree.

ChickeyCantor2561d ago

" I never understood what was inherently wrong with regualr controllers in the first place"

Who ever said there was something wrong?

badz1492561d ago

but it's nice to get to play games differently once in awhile. although I'm hoping all FPS from now on will use MOVE! it's THAT much better than DS3 IMO!

R_aVe_N2561d ago

I have enjoyed using Move on FPS so far as well. It works really well with both Socom and Killzone 3.

jacksonmichael2561d ago

Yeah, I like it for aiming, but that's about it. There was a mock up before the Wii came out of what the classic controller would look like. It was a Gamecube controller with a Wiimote stuck into a hole in the top. That would have been great, because it would have had the pointer, and standard control.

lelo2play2561d ago

"Does Anyone Really Want Motion Gaming?"

Since motion control sells like crap... this is a stupid question.

Might as well ask... Does Anyone Really Want Drugs?

seinfan2561d ago

I don't either. The focus on gimmicks impedes creativity and the time needed to improve on other aspects of the gameplay that are far more important.

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earbus2561d ago

Yeah great to play a different way for a change breaks up the monotiny.

BryanBegins2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Exactly! Don't tell me it's better to play Dance Central with dual analog sticks? Yes most of the so-called hardcore gamers here don't play anything but shooters, but I like to vary once in a while, especially with friends.

Mr Tretton2561d ago

"Don't tell me it's better to play Dance Central with dual analog sticks?"

You know what's even better? Not playing Dance Central.

DigitalRaptor2561d ago

Most of the hardcore gamers play lots of genres. Action/adventure, puzzle, mini-games, RPG, platformers, racing, fighters, sandbox AAAAND shooters. There's tons of variety and you can play those games that aren't lame with friends too.

Dance Central is only good if you either like dancing or are a casual monghead! Like Mr Tretton said below, I'd rather not be playing such a game, with or without a controller.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2561d ago

Well it's not like anyone begged for it. But if I've enjoyed it so far.

Close_Second2561d ago

Nor does Sony otherwise they would have done something with the PS3Eye a hell of a lot earlier. Then they release Move it now gathers dust. Honestly, if it were not for adding Move support as an alternative way of controlling SIXAXIS games the Move would already be dead in the water.

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