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Peter Molyneux has a long, storied history in gaming. From the first god game in the 80s to the Fable trilogy on current generation consoles, Molyneux has strived to push the medium forward, with varying degrees of success. His latest project, Fable: The Journey, utilizes Kinect to create an emotional experience unlike anything players have come to expect from the series. We sat down with Molyneux for an extensive discussion on the game's Kinect functionality, the on-rails debate, creating emotional attachment in games, Peter's inspirations, connecting The Journey to past Fable titles, and much, much more. Enjoy!

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mephman2530d ago

The "It's Not On Rails" wall was rather comical. Good to hear his opinions on things though, as always.

egidem2530d ago

This guy keeps on repeating (his-story < haha) all over again. First he says that Fable is going to revolutionize RPG games. Then he later says the story line was crap followed by an apology. Next he says they've hired good story writers to make Fable II shine. He says it was rubbish then apologizes to the gamers.

Same thing at E3 2011

ToastyMcNibbles2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I really wanna try out the Fable series. Only played a bit of the first one. Are they all different stories or tied to each other?

TheDivine2530d ago

Kind of i know the second and third are tied in, you play your child from the second in the 3rd. They are amazing games, dont listen to the haterz. Watch some youtube reviews and vids and try em out. Very charming games, one of my fav franchises. I went and got fable the lost chapters for xbox (works on 360) after playing 2 and 3 and im loving every second of it.

Hardedge2530d ago

Hah, good to hear it's not on rails. xD

JDouglasGU2530d ago

they've still got a lot to show to really prove the navigation is as open as he says, but it sounds good.

Godmars2902530d ago

Good to know that Molyneux, someone who's not only accused but has admitted to making false and misleading statements, can be taken at his word now.

And I didn't just contradict myself...

ShawnCollier2530d ago

Yeah, almost every Kinect title so far seems to be that way.

Felinox2530d ago

Im kind of torn. I want to like Kinect, but at the same time seems to gimmicky. It really needs the addition of a one handed controller. If you combined the ps move wand with kinect you could solve most of the issues that hold Kinect back from serious games. Imagine how sweet skyrim could be with that combination, but it would be impossible to do with Kinect alone.

news4geeks2530d ago

I don't see why though don't add move support in itself for skyrim. Would be interesting to say the least.

beast242tru2530d ago

i always thought this exact same thing kinect is good for multimedia but for games not too much IMO atleast certain games i should say

A7XEric2530d ago

As much as Microsoft is pushing this, a AAA Kinect game (if they even exist) is never going to achieve the same quality as a AAA traditional game.

The best use of Kinect is going to be in hybrid games like Forza, Mass Effect 3, etc. where Kinect is simply used to enhance the experience and immerse you more.

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