CoD:MW3 Barely Cracks Projected Top Five Retail Games From E3 2011

The Call of Duty series has dominated game sales for the past several years, and Modern Warfare 3 was expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. However...

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lostinplace2587d ago

It's like the movie "The Great White Hype". Everyone hypes up the white guy (white guy being BF3) so much that they convince themselves the white guy can actually beat the black guy (MW3). In the end, the black guy knocks out the white guy in 10 seconds falt.

Warprincess1162587d ago

Great analogy and it going to come true in november.

Why o why2586d ago

funny film. I really thought Damon was gunna get fixed.

They tried that approach when Ricky Hatton fought Mayweather. What a knockout

gamingdroid2586d ago

That and the fact that Activision didn't really show much or have a real presence at E3...

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Dart892587d ago

I'm betting BF3 will see more increase in pre orders as the release date gets closer and not to mention for the people who are still skeptical about getting it will probably change their minds after trying the beta.

DTMBSquid2587d ago

Either that, or they will be turned off by the game and preorder MW3 instead.

LOGICWINS2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

The reason why so many people like COD is because it accessible and doesn't have a huge learning curve. In this day in age, mainstream American males in their 20s have busy schedules that revolve around work, school, women, friends, families. Most of the time, these people just want to sit down and have fun in short bursts throughout the week to blow off some steam.

I see nothing wrong with this.

dannybohy2586d ago

Learning Curve! Its not rocket science!. Yet again everything is dumbed down and usually for the Americans, who I am sure are not all redneck morons who can only just about enable their thumbs enough to hold a controller!.
viva la COD:4!! the last great COD game!

snipes1012586d ago sir are the one of the most insular minded ignoramus pompous jerks I have ever had the displeasure or stumbling across on the internet. Whatever country you're from, I feel sorry for all the people you just totally misrepresented and made look bad.

goaliegonzalez282587d ago

as much as would love for cod to not be the game that dominates the game industry in sales it will unfortunatly out sell all of it's competitiors

RockmanII72586d ago

Honestly, it doesn't matter how much EA does Battlefield 3 will not outsell MW3. Will it be a better game? Sure, but I know people who are already convinced that they are buying MW3 and EA can't do anything about that now. It's like CoD4 vs Halo 3 on Xbox in 2007, Halo 3 outsold CoD4 but CoD4 really got the franchise name out there and because of that the franchise has gotten bigger over time. Battlefield 3 might be able to be the first step to make Battlefield bigger than CoD but it's not going to be the one that throws CoD off it's throne.

dannybohy2586d ago

COD4 got the name out there for `console market`, PC gamers had been enjoying COD titles for years before, and it made an impact because it was an excellent game! and more importantly it was thought out and developed fully for PC and the consoles! everyone was happy!.
AS soon as Activision realised the kaching! in the console market! PC gamers got royally rear ended from then on! and in doing so we got short development times, bang out a game a year,nothing new since COD4, same old crap and it gets lapped up!..Console gamers have lost out just as much since!

Soldierone2586d ago

DICE is already starting the "its not the same game" talk and soon enough people will realize that. It will most likely all come down to how well the "beta" does. People will either like it or hate it

Fact is Battlefield isn't an arcade shooter, so COD is still going to hold that advantage over it. Now rather or not PC gamers are a strong enough crowd to overtake COD seems to be the question. They need to stop bashing console gamers, and help get them on the Battlefield train.

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