Yoshinori Ono on the 'violent' and 'friendly' rivalries in Street Fighter X Tekken

Joystiq: "Capcom was showing a playable build of its latest, and weirdest, crossover fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken at E3. So I'm sure producer Yoshinori Ono had dealt with his share of dazed, sputtering journalists in interviews, all fresh from having their minds scrambled by a mix of Tekken speed, Street Fighter controls (mostly) and unfamiliar rules from both sides. But Ono himself was energetic as usual, sitting in a meeting room within Capcom's E3 booth, Blanka figure, as ever, nearby.

He helped make sense of the mishmash of new rules, the X (cross) in the name -- and of the addition of a new element, Infamous's Cole McGrath.Cole was one of the big announcements for the game at the show, the other being a PlayStation Vita version. And Cole, as he appears in Street Fighter X Tekken, is almost entirely a Capcom creation."

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CaptainPunch2436d ago

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beast242tru2436d ago

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SephirothX212436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

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On topic: This game looks good for beat-em up fans but I wont be dispensing my hard earned euro on it.

CaptainPunch2435d ago

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SephirothX212434d ago

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