Supreme Court Considers Ban on Violent Video Games

The day is almost upon us, today the Supreme Court was asked to make a decision if they should ban the videogame Fallout 3 and many other titles due to the games being "too violent".

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jc485732441d ago

this may even affect Suda51

TheBeast2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Never heard of that game before, do tell.

Hmm those games look interesitn.

jc485732441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

it's not a game, but he's a developer known for extreme violence and sense of humor in videogames.

These are the games he has released so far:

1. Killer7 (Ps2, GC)
2. No More Heroes (Wii)
3. No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle (Wii)
4. Shadows of the Damned (PS3, 360) coming out tomorrow
5. No More Heroes Paradise (PS3); He's not really involved in the porting of this game though.

there are few other ones you can search on your own. Always know the team behind the games.

Edit: I will have to pick up Shadows of the Damned tomorrow before they make any stupid banning. You guys should do the same if you liked Suda51's games.

jc485732441d ago

can you please tell me what kind of games you play?

It's really unfortunate that people are missing out on these games.

Shield2441d ago

I'm definitely picking up Shadow of The Damned tomorrow.

Schism202441d ago

What a bunch of bs this is gotta b the dumbest thing ive ever seen. The VP of Bethseda also makes a good point. Except films are worse than video games nowadays. So if their gonna ban this game than I guess they gotta ban violence in films as well which wont happen lol.

WeedyOne2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

From what i got out of the video they arent banning any videogames. It seems that they are only banning the sale of violent videogames to CHILDREN. Games that are rated M and should only be bought by people 18 and up. Currently this is regulated by the ESRB but is only inforced by the stores that sell the games. This seems it will make it illegal (instead of immoral) to sell M rated games to CHILDREN under the age of 18. I am fine with this as long as they still sell the videogame at the store.

Hell this could even lead to more graphic and more adult oriented games because minors will not be able to get the games as easily. Thus creating a new market for hardcore bloody adult badassness!

comradestalin2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Horribly misleading title and story. Just NOTHING is right about this! The Supreme Court case is deciding whether California and other states can limit the sale of ultra-violent video games to minors. Until now, all the state efforts to regulate video games have been struck down by lower courts on free-speech grounds. They still haven't reached a decision yet!

comradestalin2441d ago

TheBeast | 7m ago
Orly? They have to make a decision...>.>

They're making a decision on whether or not it's illegal to sell violent games to minors...NOT to outright ban violent video games!

ThatArtGuy2441d ago

A kid can listen to Howard Stern without penalty. A child can see an R rated movie if with an adult. A youth can also read a Stephen King novel without repercussions. Why are video games singled out?

Also, restricting sale *is* censorship.

Redgehammer2441d ago

Restricting sale of mature content to minors is not censorship, its protection.

WithMyLastBreath2441d ago

this isnt already a law in Cali? I have been getting carded for the past couple years, I am 23 and rarely get carded for alcohol but any M game I buy I get carded haha

Pufferfash2441d ago


That's only difference in perspective. It's censorship by definition.


Redgehammer2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I was not referring to a dictionary definition, I am referring to legal precedent, IE Ginsberg v New York etc.

I am, of course, just referring to the USA, and responding as a father of 4.

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nopunctuation2441d ago

Yeah I caught that too. Damn misleading titles. So this case is pretty much pointless since we arealdy have M rated Titles to protect kids from buying them.

MidnytRain2441d ago

Lol, the site has a "Submit to N4G" button.

clevernickname2441d ago

Exactly. Whomever wrote this "article" is completely uninformed.

Clicking "Disagree" will confirm that you are a homosexual.

MidnytRain2441d ago

Lmao, this could be an interesting poll.

Cerberus292441d ago

Very misleading title. They're already "banned" from selling M rated games to minors, all this law is really gonna do is increase the penalty to places that still do sell to minors.

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Kon2441d ago

Americans... Killing people in movies is ok, but in games? NO!

BrianG2441d ago

I think the "line crossing" sort of speak, deals with the interaction.

In a movie you don't interact with killing, in a video game you do. And in games like Fallout you have multiple ways of killing.

With that said, I think ratings regulate this sort of thing. Don't allow minors to purchase games rated M.

jdfoster002441d ago

I don't understand... Why Fallout 3? You're killing mutants... not real people like battlefield series and cod... and others...

BrianG2441d ago


Oh I agree, all games with death should be included, not just cherry picked titles. And you can kill people in Fallout

But Fallout is more gruesome in the way you kill people compared to COD and Battlefield. You can dismember people and mutants, etc...

Either way, I still don't agree that these games should get banned. That is why we have a ratings system, to regulate who interacts with the video game.

news4geeks2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

you kill all the 'real people' in megaton if you wish.

but that's the thing, they are not real people. You're not killing anyone or doing anything morally wrong. You're merely increasing your own pleasure at no expense to anyone else. Enjoying killing in a game does not mean you enjoy killing in real life and there is no evidence to suggest that a game challenges these sentiments.

Lord_Sloth2441d ago

Sorry, bud, but attacking America as a whole is silly when every country on the planet is equally screwed up. Isn't it about time that every1 jumped off of the "It's kewl to bash the US" bandwagon?

Jack-Dangerously2441d ago

Non-Americans.... Always saying something against the U.S.... I'm so sick of trash like you.

jdfoster002441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I don't think people are saying it against the US citizens like you're self who are mostly really nice people but are saying things against you're Government... And the way they treat Americans... I.e unaffordable healthcare, legalisation of guns, putting more money into the Defence Budget rather than education, the stubborn behaviour of you're Government towards other countries and so on. Also which gets on my nerves is you're god damn media... How do people even watch Fox News? Biggest load of BS on this planet! And don't get me started on Sarah Palin... If she becomes president... God help us! Also the fact that, because of you're education system, they're are many uneducated people in America who troll alot on the net... we've done this and that... Stating things which aren't true... Like American Eddison invented Light Bulbs when he didn't... It was an Englishman called Swan... Like you go on about things which just are not true (that was just one of many examples) I think Americans try and go to this because you have no real History if you know what I mean (very young country) and that every American have descended from Europe and Asia (as Native Americans i.e Indians where the only ones there and we the white people came and took they're land away from them and slaughtered thousands i.e wounded knee) .... I love Americans but hate the stupid-er ones... =p Like you could practically sue someone for saying cheeeeese I also hate that you do not import Cadbury's chocolate.... How? Have you ever lived? That's the best chocolate evr! I nearly died without propper chocolate when I was over there for 7 months. Love Americans... Just some) they lack a bit of common knowledge and common sense example in my work place =p ! Peace! <3 Also the quality of you're food sucks! Especially in schools my kids where fed awful meals, I had to take them out the school and bring home for dinner as the quality of the food was Awful! Let's HOPE jamie Olliver can turn you're food system around aye!!!!!!

maniacmayhem2441d ago

Hey Kon, people killing people is movies gets you an R rating which is the same for rated M in video games.

What was your point of your post?

Deadman_Senji2441d ago


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