Are Avalance Studios Claims About a New Console Worth a Hill of Beans?

The shelf life of a video game console is a very fickle mistress. Some systems, like the Dreamcast, seem to have all the potential in the world, but succumb to a variety of outside sources and are gone before you know it. However, other systems claim to be able to withstand a 10 year shelf life. How that is possible in a world where technology is evolving faster than anyone can keep up with it is a wonder in and of itself. Therefore, several developers are starting to voice their opinions, and concerns, about the inevitable 'next generation' of video game consoles, but are those comments to be taken seriously or they just a case of developer verbal diarrhea?

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Cwalk8162404d ago

As long as next gen consoles don't try to do something retarded like eliminate controllers, I think the future will be just fine.

pungello882404d ago

Yeah, I'm fine with motion control but I want a controller to be integrated as well. I am hoping we don't see new consoles too soon, I just bought a PS3!

GetoverHere1222404d ago

I wont be satisfied until all I have to do is think of what I want my video games to do.

Cwalk8162404d ago

In that case I hope your mind doesn't wander much!

flipmop442404d ago

I want holograms in my living room

lolpidian2404d ago

Simple, come up with quality and long life content rather than with polished "soap bubble" ones.

flipmop442404d ago

Markets unfortunately are never simple

flipmop442404d ago

Its inevitable now that nintendo has one shown the others will follow in a matter of years. I'm guessing 2013 or 14