Nintendo Believes the 3DS’ Two Big Problems Have Been Fixed

Kotaku writes: The buzz on the Nintendo 3DS hasn't been good, I recently mentioned to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

I hear people complaining about a lack of must-play games and a lack of reasons to boot up the machine. The $250 handheld hardware, while impressive, is called too expensive. Nintendo even failed—by about 400,000 units—to sell its hoped-for four million 3DS systems by the end of March.

There were actually two problems holding prospective 3DS purchasers back, Fils-Aime told me, two problems he believes the company has addressed.

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Misterhbk2469d ago

Just picked up my copy of Ocarina yesterday. Its still just as awesome as it was when I first played it on the 64. Only problem with calling it the 'must have' is that a lot of people have played it before. If it were mixed in with a good lineup idk if it would still be the 'must have' but either way it's a good game. We still need more though nintendo. Where's my 3DS pokemon?

Redempteur2468d ago

we just got black & white ..

give them time to move into the next pokemon GEN...

itani2468d ago

People keep seeing the 3DS as a failure but once the games start picking up just like the PS3, the 3DS will start selling like hot cakes. Don't forget many developers support Nintendo handhelds. Also playing games such as Pokemon, Mario and other big RPG games such as Dragon Quest will be pure awesome in the near future.

DA_SHREDDER2468d ago

I have a 3DS and games like Mario Kart 3-D look great in 2D, but with the 3D on it looks like crap. But games like Zelda ( or any game that isn't a racer) looks great in 3-D cause it doesn't have to fight with the frame rate. Don't believe me? They got the preview vids on the 3DS app store.

The problems that I have with the 3DS is that its more of a childs system when it comes to online features. I've been spoiled with the likes of psn and xbox live, and when i get on the 3DS, its like im back in the 90's with dial up internet. Don't get me wrong, my kids love it, but its not a mans device. And sure the games in the future will be fun, but its peanuts compared to what is already out, let alone what is coming out.

As for the Vita, when it comes to price Vita>3DS. I really regret getting the 3DS at the price point it is when the vita is coming out at the same price. So to me the 3DS isn't worth the money they are asking for it. To me its more of a $180 dollar machine, and thats only cause it can play mario and zelda games. If it wasn't a nintendo platform it wouldnt be worth getting for free if you asked me.

CaptainPunch2468d ago

How bought a price drop Eh?

jacksonmichael2468d ago

I read somewhere that when they set a price, they go with one where they can picture selling 25-30 million units without lowering the price... So going by that, I really don't expect one...

longcat2468d ago

Nobody admits to a price drop in the near future for obvious reasons

Stuart57562468d ago

'Nintendo Believes the 3DS’ Two Big Problems Have Been Fixed'
What, second analog stick added and Nintendo's core audience (children) can now use the 3D.

user8586212468d ago

No thanks, keep shooting games away from my 3DS :)

VampiricDragon2468d ago

nintendos core audience is adults as many studies have found

when children can play fire emblem, mass effect, zelda, mario, metroid, then get back to me

Eamon2468d ago

tbh, children these days seem to be more interested in COD and other shooters.

perfectCarbonara2468d ago

They fixed the PS Vita, and aneurysm inducing 3D ?

No ?

Oh, I though this was about Nintendo fixing the two biggest problems of the 3DS.

clearelite2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

don't forget about the price. If it was $50 dollars less it would have sold considerably better. They seem to be more concerned with making huge profits on each system sold and obviously thought that people would be willing to pay $250, hence they missed their 4 million goal by a considerable amount.

I like the 3DS and the 3D Tech myself, however, I will not pay $250 for it right now. The games really need to start rolling in order for me to spend that much money.<<Scratch that, I wouldn't pay $250 because they are available for less >>

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