Looking Back At Final Fantasy XIV's Evolution 9 Months After It's Release

All too often, potentially great games ship in a haphazard state. Even if they are improved post-release, the stigma of its initial reception makes people reluctant to try it out. In an attempt to break that mold, Nightmare Mode takes a look at FFXIV 9 months after it's initial release to see how the game has evolved and if it's worth your time.

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BigPenguin2583d ago

Excellent review, well written, and informative.

I was recently wondering about FFXIV, as I had purchased the collectors edition, and always feel bad about never playing it.

You let me know to keep with FFXI.

Spenok2582d ago

Awesome comprehensive review. I occasionally check back up on this title. I wanted it to be good SOOOO bad that I lied to myself for the first couple of months saying it was what I always wanted. Unfortunately I eventually had to come to terms with how awful the game really was. I read this entire thing and I pretty much agree with everything. I am also hopeful that it does eventually become worth playing. I left it installed for just that reason. Until then FFXI has my attention lol.

FredEffinChopin2582d ago

Great read, gives me a lot of hope that this will shape up to the point where it meets my original expectations.