Sega was hacked after security update

Mike Hayes, CEO of Sega West, told Eurogamer last month that the firm had upped security in the wake of the PSN outage. "We did a security audit as a was just a good housekeeping exercise," he said. "We made a couple of changes to our security systems. I'm sure most people have done the same...fortunately we seemed pretty solid so we didn't have to do too many additional changes." On Friday Sega admitted its Sega Pass system had been hacked, with the details of some 1.3 million users taken in the attack.

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tdogg060519912587d ago

1 Month Later...
Sega: Blame hackers for being so good.

Soldierone2586d ago

why havent they bothered to hack EA or Activision? You know the leaders in the industry that have more credit cards and information than anyone else....

That and they haven't even been able to get into the credit card areas of anything....

LNDCalling2586d ago

Hmmmm.. if it was LuzSec this may be of interest >

Essex Teen Arrested In FBI Global Hacking Probe (Lulzsec)

Pintheshadows2586d ago

Wickford, ha! That is funny. I'm surprised he can use a computer.

LNDCalling2585d ago

lmfao.. I have family in Wickford and I'm not far away myself (east-London). Trust me, there are much worse places.. Wickford is almost deemed posh in my home town!

They can use computers as they had to learn to use 'speak and spell' so its just like a step up from that see... :P

GrandTheftZamboni2586d ago

I guess they never heard of Echelon:

Because of these clowns, such things will have good excuse to exist.

THWIP712586d ago just continue to fail at everything you try. Just give up and let MS or EA buy you already.