Gearbox Would 'Love' PS3 Aliens: Colonial Marines To Have Special Content

Aliens: Colonial Marines is being developed in tandem with the new Hollywood blockbuster film and Gearbox, the developers, have stated that they would love for Sony to include special content, like the original film, in with the PS3 version of the game.

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JDouglasGU2554d ago

having the aliens film on disc would be a really smart move on fox's part. hopefully they get their act together.

Active Reload2554d ago

I wonder if people would mind paying $69.99 for Borderlands 2 if the first Borderlands was on the disc also?

Dlacy13g2554d ago

It would be a nice perk but at the end of the day Fox will want their cut for giving away their movie. Gearbox may not be willing to part with as much as Fox wants...especially if they see their pre-orders looking strong even without the added value.

Hardedge2554d ago

I would buy it up straight away tbh.

mephman2554d ago

If they have the extra space, why not use it?

Burning_Finger2554d ago

Interactive Sex with Sigourney Weaver FTW.

Flashwave_UK2554d ago

xd shes probably 40 years older than you.....

rogimusprime2554d ago


only sigourney from ghostbusters 1 would get the ----->

wallis2553d ago

Isn't sex interactive by default?

ForROME2554d ago

I would put Aliens (2) since that's primarily what its based off of as a bonus feature for an extra 10 bucks

I would pick it up

WhiteLightning2554d ago

I thought this was based on after Alien 3 where they try and find Riply but don't know that she's already dead.

I'm confused about this plot...

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The story is too old to be commented.