Wii U a Joke or Potential Success?

theGamerBuzz writes, "After painstakingly watching each and every video on the Wii U that I could get my computer mouse on, I had one thought going through my head. Is this a joke?"

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_EvilMonkey_2468d ago

I would not say Joke, N surprised everyone with their next- gen controller/console. Kinda looks like a Leaf Pad for kids. The HD is nice, price and games will mean its success or failure, only time will tell.

ATiElite2467d ago

instant success!

I see so many innovations in game play thanks to the great minds over there at Nintendo.

Hell if the Bioshock Dev is excited then we all should be excited.

Shok2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

It's a joke because it's different? Lol. It's funny how everyone despises Nintendo for spicing up what was becoming a pretty stagnant form of entertainment.


"Because ultimately, that’s what most of the disappointment rests on – change."

^I read dude lol.

Misterhbk2468d ago

Stagnant? I hope you're not saying that in general gaming was becoming stagnant because I've been buying game after game over the past couple years and enjoying the heck out of them. Maybe you meant the Wii was stagnant which, yeah it's pretty useless these days.

Will the Wii U serve nintendo well? Of course it wil and it will sell very well. Maybe not as much as the wii but it'll be a nice system
I'm sure. With a Zelda game that looks like that tech demo and a true pokemon RPG they can sell me on one. Won't be using that tablet for multiplat games though. I'll stick to my PS3 for that. I don't buy into Nintendos gimmicks so this will never replace my PS3 or next gen Sony console but with the right games, and I don't mean multiplats or Mario, I might just buy one.

Shok2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

No, I didn't mean that in the sense that gaming was getting boring. I was saying that it wasn't being expanded, at all, and nothing changed the way we played our games. For the most part, we've been playing the same games the exact same way for over a decade.

Samus HD2468d ago

Some people just can't understand

suckerv2468d ago

Umm....maybe read the article before making assumptions...

Samus HD2468d ago

I'm gonna buy it
You think what the he* you want

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