Why Piracy is Worse in Video Games Versus Other Media

Gaming Irresponsibly's callum details the differences in piracy in the world of gaming versus visual and music media.

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agentxk2532d ago

That is a poor mindset, if you want to refuse the cost don't play the game. Pirating willmake games more expensive as well.

IAML36I0N2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree and there's your quagmire. If games weren't so expensive to begin with IMO pirating would be less prevalent.

agentxk2532d ago

True, there those that still want free over anything though.

blitz0x2532d ago

I heard that as well, but what makes me curious is that computer games typically cost less money. Since PC games are easier to pirate it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Nevertheless, piracy is wrong. It's a real shame if indie companies like Zomboid have to literally stop letting people play and are actually losing money, not just potential income.

blitz0x2532d ago

Project Zomboid is 8 dollars.

agentxk2532d ago

It's the whole instant gratification complex. Terraria was released early due to piracy. Minecraft was pirated to a point where Notch humbly asked on the main page to please refrain from pirating. It's not so much cost as it is the fact that people just don't want to pay for them at all.

maskren2532d ago

Yeah... Steam has a sale every day. Not to mention the huge summer one coming up. I see no reason to pirate a game when it'll eventually be on sale for less than ten dollars.

Pirates need to consider who they're ripping off: people with more than enough money than to ever notice they're being stolen from, or a developer team that makes only 40K a year. You go to a torrent site, find the audio section, and half of the ones with high seeders are from pop and hip hop artists. Kanye West sure as hell doesn't know that people are stealing from him all the time. Even a developer might not, but he or she is hurting a lot more if the product doesn't sell.

blitz0x2532d ago

Agreed. For indies, Notch is an exception to the typical rule: most indie companies don't do very well, especially with their first game.

maskren2532d ago

This reminds me of those statements that pirates include in their signatures: "if you support it, buy it!" or something similar.

They shouldn't try to straddle the fence like that. You can't be a rabbi and a gangster.

silencedwriter2532d ago

I for one love buying great games. It helps support those who make the best games and prompts them to continue making them. Some games though don't need to be made, or bought.

theonlylolking2532d ago

Maybe us gamers should get degrees in computer security and fight with science!

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