SOCOM Pro Assualt Map Pack DLC Released

It was a long time coming, and after the less than popular Confrontation, SOCOM 4 finally made it's way to store shelves. Now, those who have an undying love for SOCOM can expand their experience with the newly released Pro Assault Pack DLC that was just released on the PlayStation Store.

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Cwalk8162531d ago

Schweet more team based mayhem on new maps.

2531d ago
Solid_Snake-2531d ago

does anyone still play this?. i remember the words "COD killer" and "operation flashpoint beater"

pungello882531d ago

I have to get around to buying SOCOM now that I have a PS3

Max_Dissatisfaction2531d ago

good, now there'll be 27 online players

aryan_irani2530d ago

dont buy it, not now at least. zipper fucked up big time.

GetoverHere1222531d ago

I've been looking for a reason to play some more Socom.

BlackTar1872531d ago

Please give us a PARTY System a feature this game should have been released with.

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The story is too old to be commented.