The Human Revolution Brought To Life

Square Enix has just announced that in celebration of the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that they plan to host an art exhibition in New York that brings the games' incredible visual style to life in a way that's never quite been seen before.

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pungello882559d ago

Cool stuff, I wish I was still in New York...

GetoverHere1222559d ago

I keep telling people video games are too art.

GregoryAllen2559d ago

Oh come on, I live in San Francisco, we have art galleries and museums, where's the love for Cali, baby?

lolpidian2559d ago

Too far away but I would surely attend if it was near where I live.

trickshotdrums2559d ago

This sounds sweet. Think about all the other art shows we'd be wanting to go to if more games did this..