GamePro: Trenched Review

Tower defense games can be pretty boring. Beyond the cutesy charm of something like Plants vs. Zombies, you're always doing the same thing: staving off waves of increasingly difficult enemies using a "rock-paper-scissors" ; mechanic of throwing down obstacles that your A.I. opponent is weak against. But even though Trenched is, at its core, just another tower defense game, the way it throws you into the action makes the experience feel new...or at least different enough that you're more worried about surviving, and less about "how many more waves do I have left?"

In Trenched, you still battle against those set waves of enemies, and as you'd expect, those enemies are weak against very specific weapons. But instead of just putting down towers (Emplacements, in Trenched's parlance) and passively letting them have all the fun, you get to take a more active role in the protection process. The Emplacements you throw down supplement the loadout of your customizable, mech-like contraption. While you do face some obstacles that require specific solutions (like airborne enemies who should be taken out with flak canons, or armored enemies who are only weak against mortars) the open way you're able to approach those battles is what makes Trenched feel unique.

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