Why Obama's view of video games is dead wrong

VGW: As a father of two young boys, I support the broad goals of the program, but one phrase in his introductory speech frustrated me: “We know that every father has a personal responsibility to do right by their kids – to encourage them to turn off the video games and pick up a book.”

The problem is that this worldview just doesn’t ring true anymore for numerous reasons.

(Does anyone else remember when Obama's mug was plastered throughout 18 Xbox 360 games?)

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SasanovaS19872435d ago

i cant agree with that. though i play games, and could care less about anyone else, obama is right. scratch every other fact, and 1 remains. you spend crap load of time playing video games. which is completely a waste of time. nothing productive came out of it. now, you can argue, i go to work, and play video games when i have some time off. ok fine, but thats about 5% of people out there. the other 95% play games easily 40 hours a week, at MINIMUM!!!! thats a full time job right there.

many people hesitate to go out, live life, instead they lock them selves in a room and play games as an excuse for whatever reason.

life passes by, people u could have met if you went out are somewhere else now, friends you could have made are now gone, and countless loves are lost...

to each his own tho :/

Emilio_Estevez2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I would have to disagree w/ Obama here. I would say people who play games are more inclined to read books.
And 95% of people who play games do so for 40hrs a week? LOL, way off bro. I would say less than 5% play 40hrs a week. The average gamer plays about 10-12hr's a week, so your numbers are WAY off.
The article was good because it has different perspectives and uses specific examples.

Wenis2435d ago

Sasanova, there are so many things in life that can be considered an unproductive waste of time that it is simply retarded to just single out gaming.

phoenixdown2435d ago

that i like to play video games alot? i don't give a damn about other people's hobbies. my choice is only my own, nobody else. we all have one life anyway, so i might as well enjoy it like i can.

chaos-lockheart2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

If you say stuff like that that means football or baseball is wast of time, meeting friends is waste of time, what is not wasting time? it the things you do that make your life whole, that's called not wast of time. Different people have different needs, i rather want people play games all day together then go fight against each other in war. and yes you can learn a lot of stuff from games, teaches moral things that a lot of people don't teach, and other stuff like the article said.

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zeal0us2435d ago

have any political official views of video games every been right? just saying.

Burning_Finger2435d ago

Republican Vs Democrat kinda like plants Vs zmobie. XD

Aarix2435d ago

You do not deserve to have 1 bubble with that comment

SLLCKGT2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

When I was young reading through FF dialogue actually helped my vocabulary. I have also learned a lot about Greek mythology and Italian history thanks to God of War and Assassins Creed respectively. Unless you limit yourself to only FPS's, you can't really say video games are bad.

EDIT: Not to mention I learned how to drive from Gran Turismo 1 back in the day. I remember my permit driving instructor "Have you driven before you're really good", no just been playing Gran Turismo lol

nopunctuation2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

RPGS broaden the vocabulary pretty well. I remember in 11th grade english the word encumbered came up and I knew what it meant because of Oblivion. Im a pretty big histroy guy too so games like Assassins Creed and to some extent RDR help me to really get a view of what things were like back then. More games should take that approach.

TheLastGuardian20102435d ago

So true. It's all about what games you play. Hell even playing COD will teach you a thing or 2.

It's just sad that video games are still scapegoates for the over 50 crowd. Only till the current gamers are in there 40-60s, THEN we'll see at true shift where games are accepted by everyone.

Barajas_2012435d ago

oh men that is exactly what my drivers ed. teacher said to me, i never drove in all my life until the driving lessen started and i drove pretty good, now i have my license, true story :D

Jio2435d ago

I learned how to drive from Beetles Adventure Racing, learned how to fly a plane with pilot wings, and figured out how to fight alien insects in Body Harvest. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for video games

killyourfm2435d ago

WOW! An obscure N64 game reference ftw. I actually loved that game.
(Also: bubbles for awesome sarcasm)

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