Sony And Nintendo's Key To Beating Apple: Built-In Cell Phones For Vita And 3DS (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's announcement that PlayStation Vita would include 3G support wasn't much of a surprise. The fact that its feature packed handheld lacked cell phone support, well, wasn't much of a surprise either.

That doesn't mean it's a great decision.

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Misterhbk2560d ago

Can I play uncharted on my iPhone? Can I play Zelda on my iPhone?
I'll be sticking to my deducted gaming handhelds thank you very much. Phones will always be phones first, no matter how many 99 cent games they sell. And honestly I wouldn't want the Vita to be turned into a phone. I don't want to pay monthly for my gaming or sign any contracts.

joeorc2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

What you stated is 100% true, but the point of his post is kinda Moot. for instance as a prime example:

"Why? Because the publisher will never compete with Apple (or Android, for that matter) with a system missing the most important ingredient. The same holds true with Nintendo, which has already struggled to duplicate those impressive DS sales with 3DS. "

I love How Chris Buffa, Editor in Chief this guy ignores

"Playstation Suite"

to top it off the other 3 gaming smartdevice's that Sony is releasing to compete with The market he is talking about. As a matter of Fact Sony is putting the Playstation Suite" on as many Android OS devices they can get licencing fee's from right now Nvidia is already on board!

you know a GPU manuf. who makes chipsets for smartphones an tablets, with such a powerhouse of a chipset for mobile phones Gaming is a key driver for the reason they are putting that in smart mobile devices.Which means more sales of software IE: Games which also means Sony can reach many more consumer's from not just Only Sony made Hardware.

Yea Sony is not competing in that market/s


Anarki2560d ago

"Yeah, the rear touch pad is cool, but can we order pizza with Vita?"
Uhm, yes. Internet browser ftw. I've ordered pizza before online.

Vo_Cal2560d ago

Apple Iphones are just SmartPhone for Dummies. Now the New N9 that came out today. Fuccing Brilliant.

DA_SHREDDER2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

"Can I play uncharted on my iPhone? Can I play Zelda on my iPhone?
No. "

I would be nice though wouldn't it? I just don't get why Sony and Nintendo always tries to please the vocal minority? To me it's just plain stupid that we cant do this now with gaming handhelds. I mean sure you got skype on the psp, but its just not the same. Sony and Nintendo are gonna me missing out on billions of dollars till they decided to grow some nuts and go after the majority of people who want an awesome device like a Vita with phone capabilities. Noone wants to walk around with 2 devices. Its not cost effective, and its just too many things to worry about.

Oh and to the people saying they are too embarassed to whip out a vita in public to use as a phone, thats to me is a bullcrap excuse. I see people walking around with tabs all the time, and sometimes I see people arguing about who wants it next. Like I said many times before, if you aint got the mojo to use it in public why does it mean people like me (the majority) have to cater to your little man complex? Grow up, get some hair on your chest. I could give to craps if someone looks at me like im a nerd for whipping out my vita(phone version) and making calls with it. BTW, cell phones are now considered dangerous and can cause brain tumors, so I'd be using a blutoooth anyways. So should you guys. So in the end, all you guys and companies like Sony make no sense whatsoever. And they are only losing out on money, and you guys are just getting cancer. Its a lose lose situation for both parties, and true gamers like me have to bite the bullet till you guys take find your mojo's.

StbI9902560d ago

Oh, it is Da shredder...and pro sony basher? writing a wall text? ignored.

Stick to trolling dude xD.

Waddy1012560d ago

I hate how people say stuff like this. You do realise that if the were to incorporate a phone into it the price would almost certainly double. And that's not a good thing, Sony set out to make a quality handheld device that was affordable and they did that. Adding a phone to it wouldn't make sense.
I don't want my experience to be chained down to Monthly contracts, i want to pay once and then not have to pay for anything but games.
Also that comment about brain tumours shows just how immature you are, that is just media-hype and there is no real evidence to back up that statement.

StarWolf2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

its a completely different market. I saw my sister playing a game on her ipod touch(same game can be found on iphone) . Would she ever purchase a psp or 3ds? never. Sony/Ninty are hardly losing any of their usual customers

joeorc2560d ago

"its a completely different market. I saw my sister playing a game on her ipod touch(same game can be found on iphone) . Would she ever purchase a psp or 3ds? never. Sony/Ninty are hardly losing any of their usual customers "

while I agree , The convergence is moving Forward to right now More an More smart devices will be more than capable of having those very same core game experiences as you have currently on Dedicated Handhelds, the reason being with advanced chipset's going into these smart devices 3rd party game publishers an developers that make the Game engines are also not ignoring this convergence.

this happened with the PDA market the smartphone device absorbed the dedicated PDA, now will that happen to dedicated Game handhelds market?

It depends but at this point I would not be a betting man in the dedicated Handheld game system.

read this

Opinion: PlayStation Suite Is The Ace In Sony’s Portable Strategy

While I agree the dedicated Handheld game system will still be in the market most likely, It will no longer be the leader also for portable gaming.

due to the fact that today's mobile smartphone an tablet advanced chipset's cater to the 3rd party game engine an game developer's just as much as a dedicated chipset in a more traditional handheld with controls, with the fact that Smartdevices do have BlueTooth as a standard an many game controller's use BlueTooth is not a matter of if it's only a matter of time when these phones get game controls mounted into the phones or hooks up dedicated controls an the controller's are sold along side the smartdevices.

Xperia-Play is one such device an if it continues to do well in the market it will not be the last i would imagine.

SonyNGP2560d ago

Ew no. I don't want that crap on my portable gaming devices.

VampiricDragon2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

sony and nintendos key to beating apple is good games and good controls with good depth

which they are always doing

"Nintendo, which has already struggled to duplicate those impressive DS sales with 3DS. "

Actually worldwide the 3ds is outpacing the ds at the same point by at least 1 million units. So all is well

for a website that claims they know handhelds. They dont know

Venjense2560d ago

Nobody would use a Vita or 3DS primary as a cell phone; cells are very compact whereas handhelds can be cumbersome to carry around everywhere.

Who wants to take their handheld into a bar, etc.

fossilfern2560d ago

Exactly. I love the 3DS im having a great time with Zelda but I wouldn't take it with me to work or on a train journey. There are great games on the Iphone such as Chaos rings and the FF 1,2,3 and many other RPGs. Id rather carry my phone about and play games on that than carrying a 3DS or a PSP about

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