Top 5 Games we want announced NOW!

There is always those few games which hold a special spot in our heart and just beg us to play their sequels. What happens if these sequels are not announced? I mean we expect them to be made one day but years and years go by and we don’t get them; What’s the deal!

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ATiElite2464d ago

1. Half Life 2 episode 3
2. S.T.A.K.L.E.R. 2
3. GTA V
4. Doom 4
5. Bliizard's "Titan" MMO / Heavenly Sword 2

vishant1012464d ago

my list

5 A zelda sequel there was a reason mojora's mask was the best imo as they improved what made oot so great and added a different storyline that wasn't what we had been doing for the last 25 years

4 doom 4 i think a doom game every generation isn't to big of a ask

3 Jade empire 2 ok the first was an incredible exclusive by bioware on the original xbox then why no sequel sure ea now owns bioware but they could make the sequel multiplat if they want, all i want is to be able to play the game

2 perfect dark 2 im serious the potential is there give it to someone who knows how to do an fps with a great story and it could redeem it self

1 mario 128 lawl i know its a bad name but there was something special about mario 64 sure smg was great but it just didn't have the feel of mario 64

lociefer2464d ago

5- a new battletoads
4- a new parasite eve
3- new samurai showdown
2- a good golden axe
1- a freakin legacy of kain game

malandra2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

at this point another 4 hours episode is not gonna cut it, I want a full Half Life 3

the ones on the article are bad choices, these are some good ones:

1 half life 3
2 shemue 3
3 metal gear solid 5
4 the getaway 3
5 FF7 remake

egidem2464d ago

I was going to say half life 2 episode 3, but looks like you beat me to it.

fei-hung2464d ago

I would love for:

1) Shenmue 3 - I need to know what happens next Sega!!!
2) A sequel to the Mega CD shooter Sylpheed, not the crapy xbox version
3) A sequel to Snatcher
4) God of War - The Nordic Trilogy (or whatever they call it)
5) Killer 7 sequel

... I won't stop at 5 as I believe it is an injustice to the other games if I do :p

6) Onimusha sequel
7) Panzar Dragoon sequel
8) A real DMC sequel made by the father of DMC - Hideki Kamiya
9) Alex in Wonderland sequel
10) Wonder Boy sequel

...and some more...

11) A real sequel to shinobi/ shadow dancer- sega, if you dnt knw hw, ask team ninja to help you.
12) Space Harrier sequel
13) A new Lylat Wars
14) A new Phantasy Star Online
15) A new Fatal Frame

ATiElite2464d ago

AWESOME Sylpheed!

one of the greatest shooters of all time. Looks like someone knows their Gaming.

keith-ps32464d ago

breath of fire 6
half life 3
gta 5 new bigger better city better a.i.
ps4 game cuz im bored with my ps3 games and my xbox360

keith-ps32464d ago

i hope to god sum one who makes game see this ive all ways wanted a ronin warriors game make it a rpg like ff7 for the old school heads plz ill pay 200 for a copy thank u

IPUMPMYGUN2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Valve isn't doing episodes anymore.

ps. im from future i already own ps6

bangoskank2464d ago

1) Suikoden VI
2) Skies of Arcadia II
3) Panzer Dragoon Saga II
4) Valkyria Chronicles sequel for the PS3
5) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne II

Zeixama2464d ago

I am with you , man , for SMT : Nocturne II , but don't get into high hopeland since the creative team behind this video game is no more ...

For GTA5 , I am expecting a realistic design , like GT5 and gameplay-wise make it fun , like GTA:Vice City and make Michael Mann official consultant/advisor . No joking .

spektical2464d ago

yea i want god of war 4!!!

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