New attack in place for Sony's PSN

This came after graf_chokolo has said in a statement that he may go to a prison for reverse engineered the PS3 as well as his effort to bring back OtherOS to the PS3.

graf_chokolo's lawsuit news here:

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Dart892284d ago

These hackers are really starting to become a joke sooner or later they're gonna slip up and when they do don't expect mercy.But i hope Sony takes this serious.

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theonlylolking2284d ago

A joke as in hacking over 10 companies in a month?

ShoryukenII2283d ago

They're not a joke and I think Sony should be careful. I was really worried about the future of the Playstation brand after the last hack (maybe because the gaming media blew it out of proportion). But I'm not sure they can make it out of a second one. Who cares about this choko guy. He hasn't caused much damage and isn't worth it. I don't want Sony to go bankrupt! Y_Y

zag2283d ago

That was days after setting up the phone line.

When they start to do real life stuff it's a different story as you can't do things without some ID or details being passed onto companies etc

MuleKick2283d ago

Damn I hate stupid Hackers!!!
I loved having "other OS" on my PS3.
Windows emulator was awesome. Playing Gears of War on my PS3 was pretty sweet!!!
Oh well.

AriesFury2283d ago

No. A joke because they don't care about anyone but themselves and don't care about the consequences to others. Like I've said in the past. They are fascist the Nazis of our age.

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gamingdroid2284d ago

... and so it begins again. I hope Sony is better prepared this time!

Especially after claiming their network is more secure than ever just recently.

DragonKnight2283d ago

*sigh* You never quit do you?

xer02283d ago

No public network is 100% secure, sadly.

pixelsword2283d ago

@ DragonKnight:

He doesn't have to quit because he isn't bashing the 360, ergo he won't get bubbles taken away...

beastgamer2284d ago

Hackers Against Gamers

Hackers may have an advantage overseas, but their fish out of water on when I'm in your area.

Elyxir-pSx2284d ago

Hacks first then games. :)

andibandit2283d ago

YEEEAAAH thats right Beastgamer, tell'em! if them hackers come and play black ops, me and beastgamer will beat the crap out of them!!!.

Hanif-8762284d ago

I hope that the person that wrote this also goes to prison so that the guys in their can play with his buttocks.

KwietStorm2283d ago

Is that really what you would like to see happen?

princejb1342283d ago

i hope all these hackers get caught and sent to jail for a long time
it wasnt funny the first time when i couldnt play for a about a month, and is not funny this time

hiredhelp2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

GOD DAM F**** so fedup with this s***t just read the article its a friiken joke they talk the talk. yeh well stop hiding behind ur computers face us the gamers see if you can walk the walk.

there punishing or trying to punish us the gamers as well as sony. This has really gota stop. i hope the security they invested at least can track there foot prints even if they get threw.

showtimefolks2283d ago

the have already proven the fact they are bunch of geeks who may still live in their parents basements.

they say they stand for gamers well how the fuck when i can use my online service standing in my corner?

I am extremely sorry about the language but someone needs to find these morons and put them behind bars.

now they just want attention sony is more than ready and prepared for these morons.

That's why i have always said since the psn issues its not about xbox360 or ps3 when it comes to this issue it can happen to any of the console makers and will affect us all.

stand together on this as gaming community and show these guys they are nothing more than attention whores

SkyGamer2283d ago

There are more gamers living with their parents than hackers. Hackers are ambitious and actually go out and work.

Tapewurm2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

These "Hackers" are a joke...there is no way that these terds can do anything...the first time Sony wasn't prepared...they can't do it again....ever......those that fear it shouldn't.....they say another attack is coming, but that is complete is a Challenge to the "Hackers" it again....I dare ya :) Prove you can do it you terds.

the_kutaragi_baka2283d ago

I want Infamous 2 and the God of War collection for my welcome back package this time Sony.


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JimboG2284d ago

Yes, there is a plan attack on Sony every other day now. We get it.

thespaz2283d ago

Your avatar looks like an awesome face!

I'm gonna give you a bubble if that's the impression you were going for.

Silly gameAr2284d ago

Well, maybe Graf will have some company.

Emilio_Estevez2284d ago

That letter was non-sense. If you don't know English then write in your native language and have someone translate for pete sake.

CernaML2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

-Whoops, clicked the wrong link.

Jack-Dangerously2284d ago

I've done that a couple of times. I hate it when I do that lol.