Tetsuya Mizuguchi Hints at Lumines for PlayStation Vita?

On the latest 8-4 play podcast, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the mind behind games like Rez, Space Channel 5, and Lumines, hinted that there would be another Lumines for Sony’s next handheld, the PlayStation Vita.

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sinncross2408d ago


But honestly, Lumines Vita will have strong competition from Sound Shapes, whuch looks like an absolute blast!

MasterCornholio2408d ago

You know what. I dont give a damn and you know why? Because if luminous comes out for the Vita that will give me a chance to own both. Love the Vita and its games.

BTW Souns and Shapes looks cool as hell and what i love about it is the level editor. Seems to be as good as the one in Little Big Planet.

Fantastical2408d ago

Agreed. That game looks incredible!

BlackIceJoe2408d ago

Lumines for the Vita would be great.