Duke Nukem Forever (PlayStation 3) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Daniel Richtmyre - Part of me really wishes this game never came out. Duke Nukem Forever was as pristine and innocent as the probably-never-to-be-released vaporware title that gamers had held tiny strings of hope for its release for the past 12-odd years. It was the heart of jokes. "Hey man, when's the pizza gonna get here?" one might say. "Oh, probably about the time Duke Nukem Forever comes out," another would jest in reply, as to imply the pizza was going to come eventually, but when it did, oh man was it going to be good. But then Gearbox got a hold of the Duke Nukem license. And now that joke, in the context of Duke Nukem Forever actually being released, means that the pizza is unimaginative, stale, and arrived 12 years too late.

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gameguidedog2555d ago

I don't appreciate all the bad press this game has been getting. It's an 'homage' people. Even our reviewer didn't give it much positive light. If you are a duke nukem fan, you'll love this game. If you aren't, then don't play it. The game does justice to the franchise, that's all that matters.

2555d ago
oldskooldork232555d ago

Reviewer here, and I am a Duke Nukem fan and only have the fondest of memories of Duke Nukem 3D. This game isn't a good game though. It's mediocre at best, and the only part of it that I really enjoyed was the fact that Duke Nukem is in it.