Mass Effect 3 New Gameplay Demo With Executive Producer Casey Hudson

Bioware Pulse gets up-close and personal with a promising new E3 demo from the sci-fi action RPG, Mass Effect 3. In this gameplay video interview with executive Producer Casey Hudson, a wealth of Mass Effect 3 features and updates are introduced giving you more behind scenes on what you can expect while behind the gun of commander Shepard.

By the way, the new behind cover take-down maneuver is aces with a touch of an Uncharted influence. Check it out below;

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Nate-Dog2589d ago

Wow really is fast-paced.

Facepalm at the guy asking questions though. *Shepard throws grenade* "So did I see Shepard throwing a grenade earlier?" *Shepard melee kills enemy from cover without enemy seeing him* "Wow did he just grab him out of cover and kill him?" End of the video is a bit of a spoiler in regards to some characters and stuff just a little heads up to anyone wishing to avoid that and just wanting to see gameplay.

femshep2589d ago

they killed mass effect i was fine with the turning it into an action movie that plays like gears of war but they said multiplayer....bioware has failed as a developer i miss old bioware they ones who cared about there audience and there games

Blacktric2589d ago

"they killed mass effect i was fine with the turning it into an action movie that plays like gears of war"

Because Mass Effect 1 was using isometric camera angles and D20 battle system right? Jesus Christ for a game that was already action oriented, you people are crying way too much. They made it much more action oriented and streamlined some RPG elements (some of which will be returning better than ever in ME3). If you're going to complain about something, do it for Dragon Age 2 since Origins was an old school RPG and 2 is way too much fast paced and action oriented.

femshep2589d ago

you sir are 5 years old then if you think DA2 is an old school rpg

go play OLD rpgs then we will talk

NYC_Gamer2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

mass effect 3 combat is like gears or war period....and i'm not going to support some streamlined mainstream cash in approach...and dragon age 2 was one big piece of shit too...bioware has turned in to another casual studio in my opinion....

SageHonor2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Dont bother Ive seen NYC gamer and Femshep in just about every articles relating to mass effect 3 whining about the new features. its not worth it i know im eager to seeing how my decisons will play out

EDIT: Change the title.. it isnt a new demo its the same demo we already saw

hoof1232589d ago


He said that DA:Origins (As in DA1) was in a similar vain to old school RPGs. Not DA2.

Blacktric2589d ago

femshep, I have no idea why are you getting all riled up because I disagreed with you but read what I wrote. I said Dragon Age: Origins was an old school RPG while Dragon Age 2 is a fast paced action oriented action/RPG hybrid. And I said when they have a great action RPG game like Mass Effect, they didn't have to turn DA 2 into one too and should've continued to keep making it old school.


Mass Effect games always played like Gears Of War (third person shooter with GeOW cover system). And there is nothing wrong with that. The game is more RPG than some other RPG's claim to be. They just streamlined most of the great RPG elements for Mass Effect 2 but it was still an RPG due to decision heavy gameplay. The game has nothing to do with a shooter like Gears Of War besides combat mechanics and therefore there is no need to bash it like that. I am telling you, Bioware only dropped the ball with Dragon Age 2 by making it action oriented instead of a classic RPG style like Origins. That's all. And they'll most likely to redeem themselves with Dragon Age 3.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2589d ago

Thank you BioWare for making this game an action game instead of an RPG...wish you were working only on 2 platforms because it seems 3 platforms is too much for you, see Dragon Age 2. And to those we do not speak of, I mean any combination of platforms, pc and x360 only, pc and ps3 only or ps3 and x360. Then have the 3rd platform come in a year later

Inside_out2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Bioware has some incredibly talent people over there. this game is going to be epic.

SageHonor2589d ago

Cry babies.. you dont like the game.. dont buy it It will still sell millions of copies regardless

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