343 Industries: Halo: CE Anniversary Kinect features won't affect core gameplay

XMNR: Questions began to emerge today after it Microsoft's Phil Spencer revealed that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary would support Kinect. 343 Industries has stepped in to quiet any concerns of those worried about whether or not the motion gaming peripheral would detract from the HD remake.

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Paradicia2588d ago

There's nothing wrong with optional features :)

I wonder how they will incorporate kinect into the classic gameplay, head-tracking perhaps? Raise hand to flip warthog? :L

Should be interesting to see how they will approach the possibilities.

NukaCola2588d ago

I think it'll just be used in an extras section. I don't think it'll be involved with the main game at all. Of course it won't effect the core gameplay, because no one will buy it if it was Kinect Required.

Burning_Finger2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It's a rather useless device.

What the point of adding this crap??

It just makes the whole developing process longer than it is.


Damn, Gimmick POS.

SuperSaiyan42588d ago

only thing useless and crap is you and what you have written.

Kon2588d ago

You don't even have a 360, so why bother? Go away please

slavish32588d ago

optional so no harm. just want to know what optional means :P

Raven_Nomad2588d ago

Well it was always obvious to me that it was going to be an optional thing. Anyone else actually think otherwise?

JellyJelly2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Although it would be a nice way to kill off a beloved game by doing a HD remake with mandatory Kinect controls =)

Jokes aside, I don't mind at all if games like Halo and Forza have optional Kinect modes. The Forza 4 mode looks interesting.

I think the Kinect is fun to play in short bursts but I'm still kind of disappointed in the input lag. If it was true 1:1 they could probably utilize it in much cooler ways. It always feels kind of odd playing Kinect Adventures and not seeing your avatar jumping until you've already hit the ground.

I hope I don't get marked as 'trolling' for this comment. It certainly wasn't my purpose to do so. Just felt like speaking my mind a little.

Pyscho_Mantis2588d ago

kinect and halo hahahahaha OMG M% you dun goofed ( I know its optional but Halo is a hardcore game not a casual game and no hardcore user is gunna use the kinect cuz unlike the Wii or Move it is inaccurate at shooting)

FragMnTagM2588d ago

Who said it was going to be used for shooting?

I would consider myself a hardcore gamer, as I buy all the hottest games of the year, along with owning nearly every console that has ever been made. Not at the moment, but I have owned nearly everything.

Currently I have a PS3, XBOX 360, Gaming PC, and a PSP, and I have a lot of 'hardcore' games.

That being said, I see no problem with OPTIONAL features on the Halo HD remix.