CVG:How Valve shook up the PC market: 1C on Steam's true value

CVG:How to become Europe's 2nd biggest publisher - with Gabe and co's help.

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ATiElite2556d ago

Excellent article and i really enjoyed the part about selling a game retail for $20 but only receiving a $7 check 3 months later while with steam you get $14 30 days later. that really gives Gamers an idea how the Business works.

Steam starting off as Gamers then Developers then Publishers is why they are so friendly to other Gamers/Devs/Pubs because they were in those shoes first.

Shameless plug of Men of War at the end...I'm gonna check it out on Steam so it worked.

BeastlyRig2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Steam FTW!!

Best gaming service money can't buy! cuz it's free!

Substance1012556d ago

"You mentioned the financial benefits of digital, can you give us an example?
Well the easiest way is to look at a sale of a game made today. Let's say one of our titles was sold through a till in a retail store right now for, say, £20. After retail report the sale to our third party publisher - at the end of the quarter following sale - and they then report the sale to us - 60 days after receiving their cut - 1C would receive around £7 for the sale of the game. That would come into our bank, in around September.

But if we sold the same game through someone pushing the download button at one of our digital partners' websites for the same £20, we would net £14 - twice as much - into our bank by the end of May; three or four months' sooner."

This would mean a game selling on PC would have to be outsold on console atleast 2x to make the same profit.

Voxelman2555d ago

You are forgetting that that console makers take a cut from every game sold on top of the retailer cut and that most PC game retail for £35-40 new anyway. If a console game was sold for £20 the publisher would get more like £4.

NYC_Gamer2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

this is why i support Valve/Steam they have always stood by PC gaming

Sarobi2556d ago

Valve is truly one of the few greats of our generation

solar2556d ago

imo one of if not the top two of all time. they know us gamers, respect us, and even throws us free content for supporting them.

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