Overlord II for $2.50 today

"SystemLink PC: Steam, the king (or queen) of enticement, is offering Overlord II today for $2.50. As with most of Steam's deals, it's hard to argue with a price that low. Here's a link to the game's listing, where you can pick it up on the cheap. "

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Antholex2436d ago

Lovely deal, as always.

Pro_TactX2436d ago

The entire Overlord collection is 75% off today. Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, and Overlord 2 all for $5.

Xristo2436d ago

Couldn't pass this up....only $5 for the complete series is a great deal! 4th of July sales are just around the corner, too! oh my! getting excited! :)

CoD5112436d ago

Don't think I'll ever play this... but hell, $5! :D