F.3.A.R. - Patch is online, Installation required and Online Pass confirmed has posted up today a large batch of information on F.3.A.R., which is the latest Project from Warner Bros. Entertainment

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StanLee2497d ago

I haven't seen one review for this game. I'm undecided as to whether I'll get it until I see a few reviews. Fear 2 was "okay" but I haven't really been impressed with what I've seen of Fear 3.

bwazy2497d ago

Do patches usually not require installations? lol

Motorola2497d ago

Installation required for patching? UNHEARD OF!/s lol

Godmars2902497d ago

A 4MB installation is worth reporting about?

air12497d ago

Online pass? guess I won't be buying the game, I don't support that crap.

marioPSUC2497d ago

I really dont like how so many games are doing this online pass thing, I get why they are doing it, so people stop renting and buying used as much since they cant play MP.

But its so annoying when I buy a game, or my brother does, and I use the online pass to play the games MP portion and then my brother cant because he has to spend some money to unlock that. They really need to make it so the pass has like a 2-3 time use or something

Pintheshadows2497d ago

I think they just need to stop it entirely. DLC I can deal with but online passes are BS. I buy used games occasionally to save money but that is becoming void. With the price on the online pass it costs the same as a new copy.

theEx1Le2496d ago

Thats exactly the point, everytime you buy a used game the developer and publisher gets none of the money. The online pass is to counter essentially what is to them money lost on a sale.

Pintheshadows2496d ago

Yeah, thanks Exile. I never would of worked that out /s

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