New Black Mesa Screenshots

There hasn’t been a lot of news lately about Black Mesa Source since 2009. Thankfully, there’s now a good amount of new screenshots showing what exactly the devs have been up to.

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Eamon1832d ago

Can't wait for this.

Half-Life 1 is the only HL game I never finished so a HD remake would be awesome for me.

ATiElite1832d ago

Oh your gonna have to wait....maybe it will be done in year 2035. they have only been working on this for over 9 years.

solar1832d ago

just a Q Mr. Eamon, you didnt like HL2?

Eamon1832d ago

Of course not. Half-Life 2 is probably the King of FPS games!

ATiElite1832d ago

This is almost worse than Duke Nukem Forever. i think it's been over 9 years and these guys have yet to finish the game.

Operation Black Mesa (Source engine Opposing Force mod) will be out before this and they started in 2010.

NYC_Gamer1832d ago

hope we get some type of release date soon

news4geeks1832d ago

Looking good, can't wait for this. It has been a long time coming.

sonicsidewinder1832d ago

I've only really begun to appreciate the detail that seems to be going into this mod.

It's looking to be really impressive.

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