A Look Back At The PSN Nightmare: Is All Forgiven? (

GodisaGeek: "It's fair to say that May was one of the worst months in Sony's illustrious history. two months ago today, PlayStation Network was taken down by Sony, and it became clear soon after that the network had been compromised by an outside attack.

The events that followed in the following days and weeks were very embarrassing and potentially damaging for the company, but now the dust has settled, has all been forgiven?"

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CarlosX3602250d ago

I forgave Sony the minute it happened.

Queefy_B2250d ago

Same here its in the past now lets forget about about and look forward to uc3,bf3 ect..

Lazyeye792250d ago

As long as it doesn't happen again I forgive them.

GarandShooter2250d ago

We as the gamers can forget it ever happened, so long as Sony doesn't and remains ever vigilant.

Sony was so embarrassed, I can't see them ever getting complacent with network security. They continue to have my support.

Philoctetes2250d ago

I forgave Sony a long time ago.

I'll never forgive Anonymous. They can rot in hell.

nopunctuation2250d ago

We got our free games so its all good.

NukaCola2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Yeah you didn't hear that 52% of 360s got a red ring? But I thought this was all in the past... Now can we move the hell on?

femshep2250d ago

and 52% of ps3's still get ylod mine just did for the 10th time....whereas my launch xbox still works but i upgraded to slim

NukaCola2250d ago

First of all you're lying because it's less than 1% YLOD and furthermore 75% of that 1% was the 60gb issues. I know mine died, but lived 4 years still. Secondly why are being defensive? I'm just saying we need to leave the past behind us. It's not needed to here you get butthurt over something we all got over.

coryok2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

im fine with it, didnt really affect me much, i got some time to play some of the offline games that ive been amassing lol. was a lot of fun, just about doubled the amount of trophies i had also haha

Jack-Dangerously2250d ago

I've forgiven, but not forgotten.

Jamaicangmr2250d ago

Wouldn't this article be more relevant a year after? I've moved on so call game journalist need to do so as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.