The Top 5 Must-Have Mobile Games Available on Android Devices

GPT: "The Android OS and Market was launched only a few years back in 2008. Since then, over 200,000 apps have been released on it. Among these apps are a plentiful amount of paid and free games. We at Gameplay Today have compiled a list to let you know exactly what the must-have titles available on Android devices are."

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ShyGuy132588d ago

Obvious list is obvious.

BeaRye2588d ago

There are hundreds of thousands of apps. How is any list of only five obvious out of that many?

InfectedDK2588d ago

PS3 and mobile games here. Sold my old PSP. Might get the Vita.

That word game mentioned.. Haven't tried it.. But my favourite mobile game ever is Word Feud. I also have Angry Birds both for my mobile and my PS3.. However I think Word Feud is overlooked.. It's awesome.

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2588d ago Replies(1)
Solidus187-SCMilk2588d ago

and you will see why touch pad will never replace buttons on gaming devices, and why ipad/iphone is not the future of the videogame industry like so many fools have been proclaiming.

jonlynch2588d ago

Mobile games might not be the future, but it's awful funny that the Vita has the ability to be a phone. Looks like portable gaming is following phones more than you want to admit.

Solidus187-SCMilk2588d ago

Im just saying that all these people are kidding themselvs if they think touch screen or mobile games is the future of the videogame industry, and there are people like that.

just today I read an article saying apple was the future of vidoegames, and another asking when touch pads will replace buttons.

All im saying is that this list is proof of why those things will never happen.

also, the DS had a touch screen before the ipod/pad/iphone.

and I havent heard anything about the vita being a phone because it is not.

silvacrest2588d ago

im telling you both right now that its only a matter of time until dedicated handhelds and phones merge into one (think xperia play but much better)

sony will probably be the first to do it right (merge the PSP with a phone)

nintendo may do it but they have expressed no interest in it right now

badz1492588d ago

Just because u can voice chat with it, doesn't mean it's a phone. Before Vita, the PSP can do voice and video calls via Skype and Go! Messenger but does it resemble a phone by any means? No.

Folowing your logic, I can also say that phones are actually trying to be a portable console. Why? Because there are many games on todays smart phone using the on screen 'buttons'!

Although it works both ways, portables are way better and ahead in pushing gaming forwards. Smart phones at the moment are still majorly a platform for cheap, simple, casual games.

death2smoochie2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Don't kid yourself...
I personally only casually game on my Phone and would MUCH rather do my other gaming on a dedicated hand held for portable, but if you look at numbers recent, Cell Phone and Tablet gaming is quickly surpassing dedicated hand held gaming in market share.
The numbers are staggering. It's moving that fast in that area.
Will we see another dedicated handheld after the PS Vita and 3DS? Who knows but if you look at Mobile gaming demographic numbers, you see where the industry is heading...
And the main reason is convergence and cost of games. More and more people through these mass market surveys are saying they want ONE device to fit many needs.
And Cell Phones are starting to do this and tablets to a degree.
Also, by 2012 the CPUS/GPU's inside the new Super Phones will be more powerful than the Sony Vita.
By 2013, those chips will be almost 6 times as fast or more.
Like it or not you can see where mobile gaming is going.

silvacrest2588d ago

i agree with you mostly, the problem you face on these forums is people here only want handheld gaming but there not looking at the numbers, cell phone gaming is big business and it would be foolish for either nintendo or sony to ignore it

a proper PSP phone is just a matter of time

death2smoochie2588d ago

The irony is the companies who make these phones USUALLY update their phone models after a year.
IE: Samsung Galaxy s and before now the Samsung Galaxy II is out with the third model hitting before the end of 2011 witha quad core chipset.
Now if Sony follows this trend with their PS Phone, it will most likely have a Quad Core chipset inside it...if that's the case and they use Nvidia's Kal El chipset, then that phone becomes more powerful than the PS Vita....

Aarix2588d ago

These are s*** compared to some of the quality games on mobile platforms. Play real racing, chaos rings, final fantasy, Gta:ctw, infinity blade, and nova THEN tell me mobile gaming sucks

charlescox42588d ago

I used to make fun of angry birds, now I'm an addict.

badz1492588d ago

Although I have it on all my smart phones, but that is just because my wife and siblings like it and they are free so what the hell. I tried many times to like it but I just can't. I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

Forget angry birds, I have tried many games on Android but almost none hold my interest for too long. Maybe smartphone games are not for me but I do found a game I'm really addicted at the moment and I would like to suggest it to those who haven't try it. Robotech HD. It's turn based where you collect EXP for every match and level up. It's free too.

Miths2588d ago

I just got my first smartphone today - a Samsung Galaxy S II - so I've had my head buried in the Android app store all evening :).

I must admit that I have a hard time believing I'll be doing a whole lot of gaming on it though, other than out of curiosity here in the first week or two. Although admittedly the (relatively speaking) large 4.3" screen does make for a slightly less eye straining experience than looking at the 3.5" screen of my 2nd gen iPod Touch.

PLAYER50952588d ago

did they remove angry birds from the ps store?? i cant find it anywhere

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