Ex-Blackrock Studios Employees Form Shortround Games, Want to Develop For PSVITA and iPad

It's always sad to see a game studio get closed down, especially one as good as Blackrock Studios. Blackrock studios developed Split/Second, an underperforming Disney game where racers initiated explosions and other triggers to take down other drivers. The game was well received by critics but failed to produce sales. Well when one door closes another one opens, former Blackrock Studios employees have formed Shortround games.

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jmobley2587d ago

so happy these guys got work, love split second

pungello882587d ago

Yeah you hate to see talent wasted

GregoryAllen2587d ago

Well, this makes me excited with anticipation.

GetoverHere1222587d ago

Something to look forward to on the Vita?

jmobley2587d ago

theres all kinda of awesome stuff to look forward to on the vita